27 Mar 2019

Terekeka County

Listed educational institutions for Terekeka County include the following, where instituions in grey are of unconfirmed level (i.e. primary, secondary or basic schools).

If you have further information about any of the following establishments, email us or send your comments so we can create a specific page for that institution.

Name of School
Kurunyan Primary Unknown
Terekeka Boys Unknown
Muni Unknown
Meridi Primary Unknown
Korsomba Primary Unknown
Rijong Primary Unknown
St. Stephen Unknown
Kowori Primary Unknown
Nyikabor Primary Unknown
Yebisak Unknown
Jonkok Primary Unknown
Gemeiza Primary Unknown
Nyor Primary Unknown
St. Mary's Primary Unknown
Lojora Primary Unknown
Terekeka Girls Unknown
Jor Primary Unknown
Jonkot Payaya Unknown
Tombek Unknown
Jokwe Primary Unknown
Rejaf Primary School Rejaf
Kiu Primary Kiu
Bari Primary Bari
Mijiki Primary Mijiki
Mondaribora Primary Mondaribor
Pagara Primary School Pagara
Dari Primary Dari
Akenwel Primary Akenwel
Makido Primary Makido
Tali Model Primary School Jobur
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