22 Feb 2019

The Draft Constitution - 16th March, 2005



We the people of the Sudan: Grateful to Almighty God who has bestowed upon us the wisdom and will to reach a Comprehensive Peace Agreement that has definitively put an end to the longest running conflict in Africa, Having survived the tragic consequences that have characterized that debilitating conflict, Committed to establish a decentralized democratic system of governance in which power shall be peacefully transferred, Further committed to gearing governance, in the coming phase of our political advancement, towards the enhancement of economic development, promotion of social harmony, deepening of religious tolerance and building trust and confidence in the society generally, Fully recognizing the right of self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan so that the unity of the country is based on the free will of its people and is made an attractive option; and Guided by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of January 2005, the 1998 Constitution, erstwhile Sudanese constitutional experiences and other relevant experiences;

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