8 Aug 2020


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In Central Equatoria, there are a number of Banks operating here.

Most of the banks operating in South Sudan have branches in other States with their Head Offices in Juba.

1. Equity Bank South Sudan Limited
Headquartered in South Sudan's capital city, Juba with branches in the States major urban centres, including the following:

  1. Juba Branch - Ground Floor, Equity Plaza, Juba (Main Branch)
  2. Bilpham Branch - SPLA Headquarters, Juba
  3. Hai Malakal Branch - Juba-Malakal Road, Malakal
  4. Yei Branch - Equity Building, Yei
  5. SSBL Branch – Juba
  6. Kajo Keji Branch – Kajo-keji

Contacts:  0916986000/0916986015

2. Kenya Commercial Bank, South Sudan Head office is Located at KCB Building Ministries Road in Buluk.
Contact number for the +211 (0) 977246901
There are several other branches within the State including:

Bilpam  - +211 (0) 955624774, +211 (0) 97756000

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