8 Aug 2020


State Information

Central Equatoria State - Transport and Logistics

There are companies that provide air transport in Central Equatoria:

Light Air Services

  • They have one plane
  • It flies Juba-Yei, Juba-Wau, Juba Yambio routes and to other states
  • Flights are based on charter
  • They are located at the airport behind the cars for hire parking yard
  • Contacts: 0955000171/0921888889
  • Email: info@lightairservice.net
  • Website: lightairservices.net

Ethiopian Airlines 

  • This is a worldwide flight with Juba in Central Equatoria as its hub for South Sudan
  • It flies several routes from Juba as its regional hub
  • They have a Bombardier with capacity of 67 passengers
  • They also have two Boeing 737 with capacities of 118 and 154 passengers
  • The flights schedule is as below:












2 times a day

This airline does not fly to destinations within Central Equatoria or within South Sudan but internationally.

Location in Juba: Thongping, Panorama Hotel Complex, Juba
Tel: 00211 956 988 408

J4U Air services

  • Operates in Central Equatoria from the main airport, Juba
  • It plies the Juba-Yambio, Juba -Wau, Juba-Bor, Juba-Malakal routes
  • They offer the following services:
          • Charter flight (passengers, cargo)
          • Ground handling services
          • Clearance and forwarding 
          • Booking hotels and
          • Transportation (roads and river)
  • They have a 100 kg caravan plane that can carry 12 passengers
  • They also have an Antonov 26 cargo plane that can take up to 6,500 tones

Contacts: office: +211 958 889 777
+211 923 536 901
Email: operation@j4uair.com 

MAF air services

  • MAF is a humanitarian flight service in South Sudan.
  • It offers the following:
      • Medical emergencies
      • Development work
      • Church movements
      • Missions
      • Humanitarian Evacuation on emergency 

 Organisations served by MAF in South Sudan include:

  • Tearfund
  • Christian mission Aid
  • ADRA
  • Across
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Christian Mission Aid
  • World Health
  • Save The Children
  • International churches as well as national churches and dioceses in South Sudan.
  • They fly four planes in South Sudan; all are Cessna 208s

Other airline companies in Central Equatoria include:

  • The South Sudan Supreme Airline
  • Skyline Company
  • Golden Wing Airline

Road Links:
To South East is Nimule South Sudan-Uganda border
To South West is Kajo-Keji, Sudan-Uganda border, 75 Miles
To East is Juba, Central Equatoria Sate Capital to Torit in Eastern Equatoria
To West Juba-Yei, 100 Miles
To the North West is Maridi, Yambio, Mundri and Rumbek highways
To the North is Juba-Terekeka

Central Equatoria does not have any railway network running through it.

At the airport there is a parking yard for taxis and minibuses that offer transport from the airport premises. They charge according to the distances covered and the quantity of luggage, with their prices ranging from 50 SSP and above.


There are several companies in the state that provide logistical services including:

  • Clearances and forwarding
  • Warehousing  and distribution
  • Transportation  
  • Customer  brokerage
  • Inland door to door transport

Logistics companies include:

  • Nimule Logistics
  • Amoo Holdings
  • Gafco Logistics  
  • Speedag Logistics

Travel and Business Requirements

  • Documents needed from visitors/foreigners to allow them get into the state are identification documents like a National Identification card or a passport for non- South Sudanese.
  • Business people are required to obtain the necessary business licences and permits as well as tax compliance documents.
  • Points of entrance require travel permits, visa and passports as well as alien registration for foreigners and or short time visitors. The permits are given for a short time, mostly between a month or three months depending on the purpose of the visit, and must be renewed after the elapse of the period of time or duration allowed.

Historical Sites and Potential Tourist Attractions

Africa’s longest river, the Nile passes through the state. Several hotels are built along the Nile.  The river also attracts people for research purposes.

Other attraction sites are the Jebel Juma Game Reserve and Dr. John Garang Mausoleum within the city that houses the monument of the late Dr. John Garang.

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