22 Dec 2014

Central Equatoria State

Governor: Maj. Gen Clement Wani Konga 
Area: 22,956 km²
Approximate Population: Not Available
Capital: Juba
Other Important Towns: Kajokeji, Liria, Mangalla, Rokon, Tali, Terakeka and Yei 
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Government of Central Equatoria State

State Ministers

Deputy Governor and Minister of Education
Manasseh Lomole Waya  
Minister of Finance and Economic Development
Jacob Aligo

Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries
Professor Paul Lodu Bureng

Minister of Physical Infrastructure
John Lodu Tombe

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
Michael Roberto Kenyi

Minister of Culture, Information, Youth, Sports, Hotels and Tourism
Francis Barsan

Minister of Legal Affairs and Law Enforcement
Justice Ajonye Paperture

Minister of Local Government
Paterno Legge

Minister of Labour and Public Service
Stephen Lemi Lokuron

Minister of Health
Dr Emmanuel Ija

Minister of Social Welfare
Ms. Hellen Murshali

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
John Malish Dujuk

Minister of Co-Operatives and Rural Development
Michael Tongun

Minister of Environment
Juma Saeed Worju

County Commissioners

Commissioner of Headquarters 
Richard Remo

Commissioner of Juba County
Thomas Lodu

Commissioner of Terkeka County
Jacob Gore

Commissioner of Yei County
David Lokonga

Commissioner of Lainya County
Huda Micah

Commissioner Kajo-Keji County
Ben Yengi

Commissioner Morobo County     
Simon Sworo

State Advisors

Special Advisor
Stephen Lemi Lokuron

Political Advisor
Jackson Abugo Gama

Economic Advisor
Angelo Dayu Agor

Vincent Kujo Lobung
Security Advisor

Health Advisor
Dr. Felix Ladu

Gender Advisor
Margaret Apollo Sokiri

Local Government Advisor
Paterno Legge Omini

Animal Resources Advisor
John Ladu Tombe
Conflict Advisor
Helen Mursal Boro

Chairpersons of the State Commissions

Investment and Development
Zamba Duku

Civil Service Office
Peter Jirkis Jaden

Anti Corruption Office
Marieta Takoa Adom

Employees Justice Chamber
Moses Idoru

Human Rights Office
Charles Nathaniel

Public Grievance Office
Wani Nyambur

Reconstruction and Development Fund
Florence Jondale

Fiscal Allocation and Monitoring
Emmanuel Waga

Tender Board Office
Huda Micah Laila

Food Security Office
Jacob Lupai

Secretary General of the Central Equatoria State Government
Charity Gaba 

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