22 Oct 2021

Eastern Equatoria State

Louis Lobong Lojore

Deputy Governor
Jerome Gama Surur

Area: 82,542 km²
Approximate Population: Not Available
Capital: Torit
Other Important Towns: Kapoeta, Magwi, Ikotos, Chukudum and Polataka

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Speaker of State Assembly:
Right Hon. Alberio Tobiolo Oromo

Deputy Speaker:
Hon. Paul Napwon Yonae

Government of Eastern Equatoria State

State Ministers 

  1. Hon. Mark Akio Ukinbul – Minister of Information and Telecommunications
  2. Hon. John Ochan Bongomin – Minister of Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs
  3. Hon. Lokai Iko Loteyo – Minister of Local Government, Law Enforcement and Wildlife Conservation
  4. Hon. Morris Kaunda Merisiya – Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
  5. Hon. Paska Hifita Oduho – Minister of Education
  6. Hon. Dr. Margaret Itto Leonardo – Minister of Health
  7. Hon. Lorika Stella Brenda – Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development
  8. Hon. Clement Laku Chichim – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development
  9. Hon. Hassan Urbano Alex – Minister of Physical Infrastructure
  10. Hon. Martin Lorika Lojam – Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries
  11. Hon. Patrick Lodinga – Minister of Youth and Sports and
  12. Hon. Margaret Idwa Okuye –  Minister of Gender, Culture and Social Development.

County Commissioners

Torit County
German Charles Ojok

Kapoeta South County
Martin Lopir Lotubai

Ikwoto County
Peter Lokeng Lotone

Kapoeta North County
Charles Ambrose Lokonoi

Budi County

Sam Felix Makuja

Kapoeta East County
Titus Lokwacuma Lotyam

Magwi County
Ben Kingston Loduk

Pageri(Madi) Administrative Area

Emilo Igga Alamas- Chief Administrator

Lopa and Lafon County
1. Udwar Thomas Augustino - Chief Administrator Of Lafon Corridor
2. Albano Omuyang - Chief Administrator Of Imehejek Corrido

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