2 Apr 2015

Jonglei State

Governor: Kuol Manyang Juuk
Area: 122,479 km² 
Approximate Population: 1,358,602 
Capital: Bor Other Important Towns: Padak, Waat, Akobo, Pibor, Pochalla, Ayod, Fangak, Boma

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Jonglei County

Government of Jonglei

Deputy Governor, Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement – (To be Named)

  • Kengen Joker Beyo - Minister of Cabinet Affairs
  • Gabriel Gai Riem -Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
  • James Mayen Oka - Minster of Legal Affairs
  • Ding Akol Ding - Minister of Local Government
  • To be named by NCP - Minister for Physical Infrastructure.
  • Aquila Maluth Mam - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
  • Mayen Ngor   Atem - Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Rachael Nyandak Paul - Minister of Public Services and Labour
  • Mrs Potho Ojulu Okoth - Minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development
  • Nyang Lul Gai - Minister of Fisheries and Livestock
  • Ogato Cham Gilo  - Minister of Social Services
  • Mrs Redentia Alphorns Arop - Minister of Health
  • Stephen Par Kuol - Minister of Education, Science and Technology
  • Gberial Duop Lam - Minister of Law Enforcement
  • Isaac Ajiba - Minister of Information and Telecommunication

Advisers to the Governor

  •  Suzan Lith Aluong: Gender Affairs
  • Buoth Chuol Nyout: Political Affairs
  • Mathiang Malual Mabur: Special Mission
  • Judy Jonglei Boyoris: Community Securities
  • Chuol Dieu Teny: Community Development
  • Deng Alier Mading: Education and Youth Development

Business Committees

  • Speaker – Mr Jodi Jonglei Boyoris (SPLM)
  • Deputy Speaker – Martha Chuol Luak (NCP)
  • Chairperson Committee for Development, Finance, Economy and Public Accounts –Hon Kuony War Jok
  • Chairperson Committee for Education –Hon Ogato Cham Gilo
  • Chairperson Committee for Peace – Hon Peter Kuc Babuoth
  • Chairperson Committee for Security – Hon Peter Chol Wal
  • Chairperson Committee for Mining and Energy – Hon Gatkuoth Tiop Bol
  • Chairperson Committee for Legal Affairs – Hon John Biel Lam
  • Chairperson for Social Welfare– Hon June Malet Kuol
  • Chairperson Committee for Member’s Affairs – Hon Koang Gatkuoth Kerjok


Directorate of Contracts, Legal Aid, Human Rights Conventions and Treaties

  • Deputy Director – Solomon Agot Diing Dot
  • Second Legal Counsellor – Daniel Madol Agot
  • Legal Counsellor – Kuot Reec Yuot Deng
  • Legal Counsellor – Marko Chan Kuot Akol


County Commissioners

  • Maker Lual Kuol: Bor County
  • Akot Maze Adikir: Pibor County
  • Tut Puok Nyang: Uror County
  • James Maliut Ruie: Fangak Counties
  • Okelle Didimo Oriek: Pochalla County
  • Dau Akoi Jurkuc: Twic East County
  • Aluong Machuor Kulang: Duk County
  • Goi Jooyul Yoal: Akobo County
  • Colonel Isaac Kuach Duoth: Nyirol County
  • James Aleu Mijak: Piegi CountyBrigadier Thoi Ruai Ret: Ayod County

Chairpersons of Commissions

  • John Matien Kuol
  • Daniel Deng Kut

Interim Legislative Assembly

(To be updated)


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