13 Jun 2021

Lakes State

Caretaker Governor: Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol
Area: 40,235 km² Approximate Population: 695,730
Capital: Rumbek
Other Important Towns: Yirol, Awierial, Mvolo, Cueibet, Adior, Billing and Agangrial

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Government of Lakes

Deputy Governor and Minister of Education, Science and Technology - Mr Daniel Ayual Makoi,


  • Minister of Health-Gordon Maper Manyiel
  • Minister of Youth Sports and Culture- Wuol Agang Madhek
  • Advisor of Peace and Reconcilition- Daniel Chol Koknyin
  • Minister of Finance Trade and Industry-Daniel Kuol Ayulo
  • Minister of Information and communication-Dhieu Wal Takping
  • Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Animal resource - Philip Kot Job
  • Minister of Public Service- Monica Achol Abil Aguek
  • Minister of Gender and Social Welfare- Ezekiel Thiang Mangar
  • Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency- Jok Ayom Majak
  • Minister of Education-Dut Makoi Kuok
  • Minister of Physical Infrastructure- Abraham Mayen Kuc
  • Minister of Parliamentarian Affairs-Mariam Paul Jebi

Advisers to the Governor


  • Mr Marco Chol Maciec, Advisor for Political Affairs
  • Mr Santo Dumic Kocrac, Advisor for Security Affairs
  • Mr Mayom Tulba Malual, Advisor for Economic Affairs
  • Mrs Adak Costa Mapuor, advisor for Gender and Human Right Affairs
  • Isaac Deng Manyon, Advisor for Peace and Reconciliation Affairs
  • Macuor Marial Wol, Advisor for Food Security Affairs

Assembly Business Committees


  • Speaker – Vacant 
  • Deputy Speaker – Hon Marik Nanga Marik (SPLM)
  • Leader Government Business –Hon Isaac Kon Anok (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Committee – Hon Gordon Maper Manyiel (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Finance Committee – Hon John Marik Makur (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Education Committee – Hon Isaac Deng Agok (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Administration Committee – Hon John Gor Teran (SANU)
  • Chairperson Gender Committee– Hon Mary Barnaba Akec (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Legal Affairs Committee – Hon Mading Malual-yom Nhiera (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Security Affairs Committee – Hon Joseph Maker Mathiang (SPLM)
  • Chairperson SPLM/HR Committee – Hon Isaac Makur Buoi (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Agriculture Committee – Hon Andrew Acjok Ayak (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Health Committee – Hon Gabriel Mayom Garang (SPLM)


Specialized Committees


a) SPLM Members from each County



Name in full

Specialized Committee


Hon. Kedit Madol Kedit

Security and Public Order


Hon. Madhieu Makuac Adhil

Finance and Public Accounts


Hon. Helena Nyibol Rin

Legislature and Legal Affairs


Hon. Martha Atiriu Mamer

Members’ Affairs


Hon. Rachael Yar Ater

Information, Culture, Gender, Youth and Sports


Hon. Dhieu Wal Takpiny

Peace, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs


Hon. Mabor Ater Dhuol

Education, Science, Research and Technology










Hon. Martin Mayen Chuut

Hon. William Manyuon Wantok

Hon. Andrew A. Yak

Hon. David Kockedhia Puondak

Hon. Samuel Mading Akol

Hon. Isaiah Alier Mashinkok

Hon. Gabriel Awai Garang

Hon. Mary Barnaba Akec

Agriculture and Forestry

Land, Environment and Natural Resources

Local Government and Traditional Authority

Physical Infrastructure

Health and Social Welfare

Labour and Human Resources

Rural Development and Co-operatives

Fisheries and Animal Resources



County Commissioners

  1. Isaac Mayom Malek Dielic - Commissioner of Cueibet County
  2. Deng Mathiang Deng - Commissioner of Rumbek North County
  3. Matur Majok Magol - Commissioner of Rumbek Central County
  4. Gideon Chellur Mbele - Commissioner of Wulu County
  5. David Marial Gumke - Commissioner of Rumbek East County
  6. Makur Kulang Lia - Commissioner of Yirol West County
  7. Bullen Bol Acinbai - Commissioner of Yirol East County
  8. David Mayom Riak - Commissioner of Awerial County

Interim Legislative Assembly


  • Isaiah Alier Mashinkok (SPLM) - Yirol East County
  • Marik Nanga Marik (SPLM) - Rumbek North County
  • Adak Kosta Mapuor (SPLM) - Rumbek Center County
  • Isaac Kon Anok(SPLM) - Awerial County
  • Agum Jacob Cagai (NCP) - Yirol West County
  • Gordon Maper Manyiel (SPLM) - Rumbek East County
  • John Marik Makur (SPLM) - Cueibet County
  • Isaac Deng Agok (SPLM) - Wulu County
  • John Gor Teran (SANU) - Rumbek East County
  • Mary Barnaba Akec (SPLM) - Yirol East County
  • John Beliu Awuol (SPLM) - Rumbek North County
  • Mading Malual-yom Nhiera (SPLM) - Rumbek Center County
  • Joseph Maker Mathiang (SPLM) - Cuiebet County
  • Mario Deng Bol (SPLM)- Cuiebet County
  • Simon Waiwai Ali (SPLM) - Wulu County
  • Isaac Makur Buoc (SPLM) - Rumbek East County
  • Andrew Acijok Ayak (SPLM) Yirol West County
  • Bullen Kot Beny (SPLM) _- Yirol East County
  • Rachel Yar Ater (SPLM) - Rumbek East County
  • Jermiah Telar Arol (SPLM) - Yirol West County
  • Ayen Meen Ador (SPLM) - Cuiebet County
  • Angelina Mario Lamba (SPLM) - Awerial County
  • Kosea Kedit Muortat (NCP) - Rumbek East County
  • Deng Mathiang Deng (SPLM) - Rumbek North County
  • Martin Anhiem Arier (SPLM) - Yirol East County
  • Lino Alony Mon (NCP) - Awerial County
  • Chol Gideon Gakmar (SPLM) - Rumbek East County
  • Arkanjelo Deng Kuok (NCP) - Rumbek Centre County
  • Martha Atiriu Mamer (SPLM) - Rumbek North County
  • Appollo Madok Chol (SPLM) - Cueibet County
  • Emmanuel Deng Duop (SPLM) - Yirol East County
  • Macuor Marial Wol (NCP) - Cuiebet County
  • Malual Enoch Cahoc (SPLM) - Awerial County
  • Francis Mabor Meen (SPLM) - Rumbek Center County
  • Daffalla Rajab Mayang (SPLM) - Wulu County
  • Samuel Gai Nek (UDF) - Cuiebet County
  • Kuek Muortat Dhel (UDSF) Rumbek East County
  • David Majur Mamur (USAP 2) - Yirol East County
  • Joseph Marial Rong (FORUM) - Yirol East County
  • Angelia Nyabilliny Majak (SPLM) - Yirol West County
  • Modicai Achol Madol (SANU) - Yirol East County
  • Gwynne Enoch Riak (USAP 2) - Yirol East County
  • Mary Michael Chan (USAP 1) - Cueibet County
  • Cirbek Marial Rong (UDF) - Yirol East County
  • Monica Yar Samuel (UDSF) - Rumbek East County
  • Agum Isaac Daniel (UDF) - Rumbek Center County
  • Asunta Bawuda James-Brown (SPLM) - Wulu County
  • (SPLM) - Awerial County


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