13 Jun 2021

Government of Northern Bahr El Ghazal

Governor: Akot Deng Akot
Area: 720,898 km²
Approximate Population: Not Available
Capital: Aweil
Other Important Towns:

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Government of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State 


Deputy Governor and Minister of Law Enforcement Agency
Salva Chol Ayat
Minister of Education and instruction
Kon Albert Deng Chan

Minister of Local Government 
Lino Adup Achier

Minister of Information and Communication
Nyibol Benjamin Ajonga, Mrs. 

Minister of Finance
Madut Santino Deng Teng

Minister of Agriculture
Ayii Bol Akol 

Minister of Water and Rural Development
Bona Makuach Mawien 

Minister of Health
Tong Atak Mel 

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports
Tong Deng Anei 

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
Arnest Mangok Mangok

Minister of Physical Infrastructure
Anguei Diing Diing 

Minister Animal Resource
Albino Madhan Anei Atem 

Minister of Public Service and Huna Resource Development
Bol Tong Tong

Minister Trade, Industry and Investment
Ronald Ruay Deng 

Minister of Social Development
Ajak Akok Kuel, Mrs.

Minister Without Portfolio 
Giir Riiny Lual


Political Advisor
George Garang Lual 

Security Advisor
Joseph Akok Aleu 

Gender and Child Welfare
Anguet Anei Ajuong, Mrs.

Independent Commissions

Chairperson of Employees
 Luol Mawien Deng 

Chairperson for Public Grievances
Diing Aher Ngong

Chairperson of Peace Commission 
Diing Diing Malong

Chairperson Commission of State Revenue Authority 
Mareng Chuor Deng

Chairperson of Land Commission
Yuornew Wol Kuot

Chairperson of Public Service
Riak Wol Atuer 
Town Mayor
Debak Atak Longar 

Deputy Town Mayor
Simon Tong Deng 

County Commissioners

Aweil East County Commissioner
Awet Kiir Awet 

Aweil South County Commissioner
Jiel Mangok Yel 

Aweil Centre County Commissioner
Arkangelo Uchu Dechak  

Aweil West County Commissioner
Garang Kuach Ariath

Aweil North County Commissioner 
Kuol Athuai Hal 

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