13 Jun 2021

Unity State

Caretaker GovernorJoseph Nguen Minytuil 

Area: 35,956 km²
Approximate Population: 585, 801 
Capital: Bentiu
Other Important Towns: Rubkona, Mayom, Leer, Adok, Nyal

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Government of Unity State

 In exercise of the powers vested in me by Article 99 (2) (A) of the Unity State Transitional Constitution 2011 and Article 168 (2) 2011 of Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan -   Joseph Nguen Minytuil -  Governor of Unity State do hereby appoint the following persons as State Government advisors -  State Government Ministers -  and Commissioners as follows:-

The appointees are:


1. Hon. Col. Mabek Lang De Madding , Deputy Governor


2. Hon. Brig. Gen. Peter Gai Jok , State Minister of General Education and Instruction
3. Hon. Mr. Weitui Lony Babuoth, State Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry
4. Hon Brig. Gen Benjamin Majak Dau Bol, State Minister of Labor, Public Services and Human Resource Development
5. Hon. Teboum Jany Rial State Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport
6. Hon. Mrs. Nyaliep John Dak, State Minister of Information and Communication
7. Hon. Balong Riek Dong, State Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Resource and fisheries.
8. Hon. Eng. Riek Doguor Juar. State Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Urban Development and Natural Resources
9. Hon. Zachariah Hou Koryom, State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement
10. Hon. Joseph Arop Malual, State Minister of Health
11. Hon. Mary Paul Ngundeng, State Minister of Social Development



1. Hon. John Tap Malual Woon, Advisor on Political Affairs
2. Hon. James Liyliy Kuol, Advisor on Security Affairs
3. Hon. William Daud Riek, Advisor on Economic Affairs
4. Hon. Simon Jalduong Matuek, Advisor on Social Services Affairs
5. Hon. Angelina Steven Kuony, Advisor on Culture, Youth & Sport Affairs
6. Hon. 1st Lt. Gen. (Rtd) of police, Koang Dalengah Ruathdel, Advisor on Peace and Reconciliation
7. Hon. William Machar Riek Advisor on NGOs Affairs


1. Col. James Pui Yak Yiel -   Guit County
2. Col. Mabek Lang De Beilkuey -  Parieng County  
3. Col. Martin Machot Deng -    Mayom County
4. Brig. Peter GaiJoak -    Panyijiar County   
5. Mr. Taker Riek Dong -    Leer County   
6. Col. Eng. William Garjang Geng -   Rubkona County  
7. Mr.  Ajang Gide Yor -    Abiemnom County
8. Major. John Chuol Wang -   Koch County.
9. Capt. Gideon Gatpan Thoar -   Mayiendit County    






  • Mr William Daud Riek: Deputy Governor and State Minister of Legal Affairs and  Constitutional Development
  • Colonel Samuel Luony Geng: Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries
  • Mr Thomas Jal Thomas: State Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry
  • Engineer Diew Charow Kuel:  State Minister of physical Infrastructure and Urban Development
  • Mr Them Machar Kuol: State Minister of Education, Science and Technology
  • Mr Stephen Pei Bilieu: State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
  • Engineer William Gatjang Geng: State Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Mrs Deborah Kur Manyiel: State Minister of Health
  • Mr Joseph Gai Riek: State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement
  • Mr Buoth Puok Baluang: State Minister of Agriculture and  Forestry
  • Mr Joseph Arop Malual: State Minister of Labour and Public Service
  • Mr Gideon Gatpan Thor: State Minister of Information and Communication
  • Mr Samuel Reyhok Nger: State Minister of Social Development

State Government Advisors

  • Colonel Michael Chiangjiek Geay: Security Affairs
  • Mrs Nyachieng Biy Tueat: Gender and Child Welfare
  • Mr John Yak Jany: Political Affairs
  • Colonel Stephen Thiey Yar: Peace and Reconciliation
  • Mr Samuel Sudan Tot: Culture, Youth and Sports
  • Ustaz Wang Mut Luony: Education Affairs
  • Teresa Nyakat Chuol: Humanitarian and Food Security
  • Mrs Norino Nyagai Tut Lul: Housing and Public Utilities
  • UDSF Main Nominee yet to be appointed will be the State Advisor for Economic Affairs

Business Committee

Speaker of the State Assembly - Brigadier Simon Maguekk Gai(SPLM)
Deputy Speaker - Mayom Yak Kur (SPLM)

Chairpersons of Specialized Committees

1. Chief Whip - Hon. James Nguany Chakuoth,     SPLM
2. Justice And Legislature - Hon. Andrew BolNhial,     SPLM
3. Health Services - Hon. Rebecca Francis Geai,     SPLM
4. Finance, Trade And Industry - Hon. John Yoak Deng,    SPLM
5. General Education And Instruction - Hon. Angelina William Waskak,   SPLM
6. Security And Law Enforcement - Hon. Peter Dak Khan,    SPLM
7. Information and Communication - Hon. Simon Galuak Pech Dak,    SANU
8. Member Affairs - Hon. Samuel Gatdin Liem     SPLM
9. Hon. Simon Chuol Biel - Local Government, Peace And Reconciliation,   SPLM
10. Social Development, Culture Youth and Sport – Hon. John Kawai Manyjang,  SPLM
11. Labour And Public Service - Hon. Peter JanyMut,     SPLM
12. Physical Infrastructure And Urban Development - Hon. James KueyGatjiek,  SPLM
13. Environment and Natural Resource - Hon. Simon GatjangBeliew,    SPLM
14. Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Resources and Fisheries - Hon. Gabriel NgorMarial,SPLM
15. Gender and Child Welfare - Hon. Nyalat Lutluot Koh,

Deputies Chairpersons

1. Justice And Legislature ( Deputy) - Hon. Peter Makuach De Mabek,  SPLM
2. Health Services( Deputy) - Hon. Simon Kol Manyjuin Puok     SPLM
3. Finance, Trade And Industry - (Deputy) Hon. Mangok Tap Diew,    SPLM
4. Education, Science And Technology (Deputy)- Hon. Jeremiah Gatdet Puok,   SPLM
5. Security and Law Enforcement, (Deputy) Hon. Jacob Mading Kok,–    SPLM
6. Information and Communication (Deputy) Hon. Awatif Nyok Kueth -   SPLM
7. members Affairs (Deputy) Hon. Peter Gatluak Gatwich, -    SPLM
8. Local Government, Peace And Reconciliation (Deputy) Hon. David Juang Puok, SPLM
9. culture, youth and sport (Deputy) Hon. Loang Tuthiang Luoy, Social Development,–SPLM
10. Labour, Public Service (Deputy) Hon. William Chol Awunlieth,   SPLM
11. Phy- Infrastructure and Urban Development (Deputy) Hon. Sulieman Yohanes Gatluoth,SPLM
12. Environment and Natural Resources (Deputy) Hon. Mary Paul Ngundeng,–   SPLM
13. Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Resource and Fisheries (Deputy) Hon. Peter Dak Riek,SPLM
14. Gender and Child Welfare (Deputy) Hon. Nyakuoth Tut Juet, -    UDSF-M


 Members of Legislative Assembly

1. Hon. Chol Deng Dakiir – member – SPLM
2. Hon. Lubna Abdelgani Babiker , member – SPLM
3. Hon. Martin Mashod Deng, Member/ Commissioner – SPLM
4. Hon. Innocent Lazarus Latjor, Member/minister – SPLM
5. Hon. Dak Jany Yak, member – SPLM
6. Hon. John Malek Tual, member – SPLM
7. Hon. Yuanes Gatluak Hoh , member
8. Hon. Violo Kur Chol, member - UDSF-M
9. Hon. Tut Gatjuol Khom, member - SPLM
10. Hon. Riek Dogoar Juer, member - SPLM
11. Hon. Simon JalduongMatuek, Member/Minister - SPLM
12. Hon. George Mathony Leaw, member - SPLM
13. Hon. Samuel Lony Geng, Member/ Minister, SPLM
14. Hon. Botrus Juoy Machar, Member - SPLM
15. Hon. Mariah Nyakhor Wat – member - SPLM
16. Hon. Ayom Ali Jok Nhial, member - UDSF-M
17. Hon. Mary Nyakoang Ali, member - UDSF-M
18. Hon. Gideon Gatpan Tuor – member - SPLM
19. Ustaz. Joseph Kang Gattang, Clerk of the Assembly
20. Mr. Philip Muon Top, Deputy Clerk


  • Mr Mayang Tiach Badeng - Commissioner for the HQs
  • Colonel Mabek Lang de Mading: Commissioner, Pariang County
  • Colonel James Pui Yak: Commissioner, Guit County
  • Mr Stephen Taker Riek: Commissioner, Leer County
  • Colonel George Gatbany Chuol: Commissioner, Mayandit County
  • Major Arop Yuot Kaman: Commissioner, Abiemnom County
  • Colonel Simon Jalduong Matuek: Commissioner, Rubkona County
  • Brigadier Martin Mashod Deng: Commissioner, Mayom County
  • Colonel Peter Gai Jok: Commissioner, Payinjar County
  • Major John Chuol Wang: Commissioner, Koch County

Directorate of Contracts, Legal Aid, Human Rights Convention and Treaties

  • Director: Deng Kuot Machar
  • Legal Counselor: James Deng Kuau Akon
  • Legal Counselor: George Aleu Deng Aleu
  • Legal Counselor: Geek Puot Dak
  • Legal Counselor: Dut Isaac Kuot

Directorate of the Commissions

  • Director for Land Commission : Joseph Nhial Ruac
  • Director for Investment:Liah Mut Kuon
  • State Director for DDR Commission: Charles Machieng
  • State Director for HIV/AID Commission: Paul Puot Juoc
  • State Director for Peace Commission: James Nien Nhial
  • State Director for Anti-Corruption Commission: Mut Kuon


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