13 Jun 2021

Warrap State

Governor: Akech Tong
Area: 31,027 km²
Approximate Population: 972,928
Capital: Kuacjok
Other Important Towns: Thiet, Tonj, Gogrial, Turalei, Marial Lou 

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Government of Warrap

Deputy Governor and Minister for Local Government and Law Enforcement – Yel Mayar Mareng

  • Majok Bol Kur - Minister for Finance
  • Kuol Agany-Minister for Legal Affairs
  • Aniek Tong- Minister for Physical Infrastructure
  • Madhel Malek-Minister for Education
  • Deng Mariak-Minister for Health
  • Anei Mangong-Minister for Information
  • Kuot Mawien-Minister for Agriculture
  • Maria Nyidhal –Minister for Social Development
  • Achol Cyer-Minister for Parliamentary Affairs
  • Sabit Makana-Minister for Rural Development

Advisers to the Governor

  • James Achiei –Security
  • Makuc Makuc- Political Affairs
  • Andrew Kuac- Peace
  • Achuil Akoc-Economic Affairs

Directorate of Contracts, Legal Aid, Human Rights Conventions and Treaties

  • Director – Alfred Mayen Lo
  • Deputy Director – Alor Maleek Kout
  • Second Legal Counsellor – Simon Reec Deng Diar
  • Legal Counsellor – Gabriel Chok Ajang


County Commissioners

  • State Headquarters - Alfonse Anei
  • Akec Tong- Commissioner of Tonj South
  • Aciec Kuot-Commissioner of Gagrial West
  • Dominic Deng Kuony-Commissioner of Twic County
  • Daniel Dieu-Commissioner of Tonj North County
  • Victor Atem-Commissioner of Gagrial East
  • John Mayiik-Commissioner of Tonj East

Interim Legislative Assembly

  • Ayok Deng Agor (SPLM) - Gogrial West County
  • Bahaedin Malou Aken (NCP) - Tonj North County
  • Elia Deng Majok (SPLM) - Tonj North County
  • Major General Simon Deng Mawien (SPLM) - Twic County
  • Jervase Yak Anei (SPLM) - Gogrial East County
  • Lt Gen Buona Bang Dhol (SPLM) - Gogrial East County
  • Wilfred Ring Aduer (SPLM) - Tonj East County
  • Mathew Mathuau Deng (SPLM) - Tonj East County
  • Angelo Deng Akol (SPLM) - Gogrial East County
  • Athony Akol Ngot (SPLM) - Gogrial East County
  • Lino Daffala Danga (SPLM) - Tonj South County
  • Adelino Rip Goch (SPLM) - Twic County
  • Joseph Yuot Deng (SANU) - Twic County
  • Lino Majok Achien (NCP)- Tonj North County
  • Mario Malok Lual (SPLM) - Tonj North County
  • Franco Akech Ring (SPLM) - Gogrial West County
  • Severio Malueth Achuil (SPLM) Gogrial East County
  • Henry Akoon Monydhar (SPLM) _- Tonj North County
  • Joseph Mayom Chikom (SPLM) - Tonj South County
  • Adut Madut Akech (SPLM) - Gogrial East County
  • Asunta Angong Rechard (NCP) - Gogrial East County
  • Ejina Akuach Mayar (SPLM) - Gogrial West County
  • Getano Nyuol Atem (SPLM) - Twic County
  • Chol Deng Lanbar (SPLM) - Twic County
  • Dhieu Bol Dhieu (SPLM) - Gogrial West County
  • Aquilino Akuei Mawien (SPLM) - Twic County
  • Athian Nhial Monychol (UDF) - Tonj North County
  • Manyuat Lueth Atem (NCP) - Twic County
  • Dhieu Lual Aken (UDF) - Gogrial West County
  • Makom Aguer Adel (NCP) - Tonj East County
  • Wol Lual Wol (UDF) - Tonj North County
  • Marko Malou Choldit (SPLM) - Tonj South County
  • Taupiny Malek Aguek (SPLM) - Twic County
  • Sada Magok Mabok (SPLM) - Tonj East County
  • Kumic Deng Mayen (USAP 1) - Tonj South County
  • Gai Manyun Maluk (SANU) - Tonj East County
  • John Chiman Akol (USAP 1) - Tonj North County
  • ManutChol Atem (SSDF) - Gogrial West County
  • Zachariah Thokyok Magol (SPLM) - Tonj East County
  • Angong Deng Kur (SPLM) - Tonj North County
  • Abuk Bol Lual (SPLM) - Tonj South County
  • Angelina Adut Dimo (SPLM) - Tonj North County
  • Alfred Mawien Akol (SSDF) - Tonj South County
  • Joseph Clement Chinweng (USAP 2) - Tonj North County
  • Jacob Anei Manyiel (SPLM) - Tonj East County
  • Francis Malek Rual (SPLM) - Tonj South County
  • Juach Agok Anyar (SPLM) - Abyei County


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