22 Oct 2021

Western Bahr el Ghazal State

Governor: Rizik Zackaria Hassan
Area: 93,900 km²
Approximate Population: 333,431
Capital: Wau
Other Important Towns: Raja, Deim Zubeir, Kuajiena and Kangi

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Western Bahr el Ghazal State

Government of Western Bahr El Ghazal

Deputy Governor and the Minister of Physical Infrastructure.
Zackaria Joseph Garang

Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies
Angelo Taban Baiajo

Minister of Information, Communication and Culture
Mary karlino

Minister of Labour and Public Service, Human Resource and Development
Andrea Ahamed Bawal

Minister of Education Science and Technology

Dr. Adil Athansio Suru

Minister of Health
Dr. Isaac Clerto Hassan

Minister of Agriculture Animal Resources and Cooperative

Michael Madut Chan

Minister for Finance, Trade and Industry.

Lilian Valentino

Minister of Trade and Cooperative
James Ernest Makuei

Minister of Youth and Sports.

Rudolf Andrea Ujika

Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.
Naima Abas

Advisors to the Governor

  • Paul Atuk Chaw, Advisor on Political Affairs.
  • Wol Dhel Thiep, Advisor on Security Affairs.
  • Pasquale Fama, Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs.
  • Edward Ukun Njere, Advisor on Public Service Affairs.
  • Andal Wadatalla Nasir, Advisor on Education Affairs.
  • Ayuel Longar Akol, Advisor on Peace and Reconciliation Affairs.
  • Tereza Zackaria Akol, Advisor on Public Health Affairs.
  • Monica Louis Mawein, Advisor on Gender Affairs.
  • Anthony Fada Ubur, Advisor on Cooperatives and Self Reliance.
  • Hassan Jalab Khadam, Advisor on Decentralization and Boundary

Chairpersons of  Committees

  • Chairperson Committee for Education, Youth & Sports, Gender & Women Affairs –Hon. Sabino Kornelio Gilingere (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Committee for Economic Affairs – Richard Biajo Apai (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Committee for Local Government and Legal Affairs – Pio Joseph Mipi (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Committee for Information and Communication – John Natale Matondo (NCP)
  • Chairperson Committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Wealth – Hellen Juma Suleiman 
  • Chairperson Committee for Health – Ali Yermande Mohamed (SPLM)
  • Chairperson Committee for Members Affairs –  Akot Deng Dor
  • Chairperson for Physical Infrastructure – Barsham Musa Ayaka

Directorate of Contracts, Legal Aid, Human Rights Conventions and Treaties

  • Deputy Director – Jabriel Isaa Awow
  • Third Legal Counsellor – Kuol Agang Dau
  • Legal Counsellor – Majok Ngong Kuel Akoy

County Commissioners

  • State Headquarters - (to be verified)
  • Wau - Elia Kamilo Dimo
  • Jur River - Wol Dheil Thiep

SPLM Secretariat in the Western Bahr el Ghazal State:

  • Chairperson - Mark Nypouch Ubong, Governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal State
  • Deputy Chairperson - Anthony Joseph Bandu
  • Secretary General - Kamil Wana Uraj
  • Assistant Secretary for Administration - James Kiir
  • Assistant Secretary for Political Affairs - Mel Aleu Goc
  • Assistant Secretary for Information - Ms Maka Bushra 
  • Assistant Secretary for Planning and Research - Juma Ibrahim Amlas
  • Assistant Secretary for Social welfare and Services - Henery Deng
  • Assistant Secretary for Finance - Rudolf Unguac Kangi
  • Assistant Secretary for Popular syndicated and organization - Marko Paul Hausa


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