22 Oct 2021

Western Equatoria State

Governor: Patrick Dominic Zamoi
Area: 79,319 km²
Approximate Population: 3619, 029
Capital: Yambio
Other Important Towns: Maridi, Nzara, Tambura and Mundri 

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Government of Western Equatoria State


Deputy Governor   
Sapan Abui

Minister of Commerce Trade and Investment
Simon Ngbidigi    
Minister of Agriculture Forestry Cooperatives and Environment
West Hugule

Minister of Education Science and Technology
Philip Pai

Minister of Labour Public Service and Human Resource Development
Jackcilia Ebere

Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement
Daniel Isbon

Minister of Information and Communication
Charles Kisanga

Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare
Norma Fadul

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
Abbas Bullen      
Minister of Youth and Sports
Gibson Wande

Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities
Clement Mgbugoniwia

Minister of Health
John Gbongo


Political Advisor
Robert Bandi

Security Advisor
Samuel Bati

Economic Advisor
Gibson Hozia

Local Government Advisor
Joseph Sabuni


Chairperson of Civil Service     
Awadi Kisanga  

Chairperson Public Grievances
Philip Ayub Gaza   

Chairperson Land Commission
Alfred Riruyo  

Chairperson Employee Justice
Angelo Bakote  

County Commissioners

Yambio County 
John Kuzee    

Tombura County
Gbamisi Babiro Charles

Maridi County   
Adel Sandri 

Mundiri West County
Lexon Mabruk  

Mundiri East County
January Johny Sebit 

Ezo County 
Mathew Alselmo 

Ibba County
Brigate Nagomoro

Nagero County
Joseph Miniallah   

Mvolo County
Paul Tier

Nzara County     
Elia Box

Heads of Independent Commissions

Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC)
Lexson Wari Amozai

Southern Sudan Aids Commission (SSAC)
Jane Bagbe Pia

National Election Commission (NEC)
Lawrance Sulubia

Southern Sudan Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration Commission (SSDDRC)
Jorome Barikue

Southern Sudan Employees Justice Chamber (SSEJC)
Evans Doctor

Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics and Evaluation (SSCCSE)
Aggrey Mussale

Government of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS)

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