1 Dec 2020

Government of South Sudan States

South Sudan is divided into Ten states. They were created out of the three historic former provinces (and contemporary regions) of: Bahr el Ghazal (northwest); Equatoria (southern), and Greater Upper Nile (northeast). The states are further divided into 86 Southern Sudan counties.


Bahr el Ghazal:  The Bahr el Ghazal region in northwest South Sudan includes the states of:

1.Northern Bahr el Ghazal
2.Western Bahr el Ghazal

According to the disputed 2008 census conducted under the Republic of the Sudan,Western Bahr al Ghazal is the least populous of South Sudan's states.

Equatoria: The Equatoria region in southern South Sudan includes the states of:

1.Western Equatoria
2.Central Equatoria
3.Eastern Equatoria.
The state capital of Central Equatoria, the smallest South Sudanese state by area, is Juba, which also serves as the national capital of South Sudan.

Greater Upper : NileThe Greater Upper Nile region in northern and eastern South Sudan includes the states of:

3.Upper Nile.

Jonglei is the largest state of South Sudan by area, as well as the most populous, according to the 2008 census.


State Population
Northern Bahr el Ghazal 820,834 30,543 26.87
Western Bahr el Ghazal 358,692 91,076 3.94
Lakes 782,504 43,595 17.95
Warrap 1,044,217 45,567 22.92
Western Equatoria 658,863 79,343 8.30
Central Equatoria 1,193,130 43,033 27.73
Eastern Equatoria 962,719 73,472 13.10
Jonglei 1,443,500 122,581 11.78
Unity 645,465 37,837 17.06
Upper Nile 1,013,629 77,283 13.12
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Governance of the Republic of South Sudan States

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