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Government of South Sudan

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The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) was established in 2011.

The powers of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan originate from the will of the people of Southern Sudan, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the Interim Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan and the Interim National Constitution.

Powers of the Government of South Sudan

The exclusive legislative and executive powers of Government of Southern Sudan shall be as follows:

  • The adoption and amendment of the Constitution of the Government of Southern Sudan;
  • Police, Prisons and Wildlife Services;
  • Security and military forces during the Interim Period;
  • Legislation relating to the Government of Southern Sudan structures for the delivery of services at all levels of Government of Southern Sudan;
  • Borrowing of money on the sole credit of the Government of Southern Sudan within the national macro-economic policy;
  • Planning for Southern Sudan Government services including health, education, and welfare, etc;
  • The appointment, tenure and payment of Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) officers and civil servants;
  • Development of financial resources for the Government of Southern Sudan;
  • The co-ordination of Southern Sudan services or the establishment of minimum South Sudan standards or the establishment of Southern Sudan uniform norms in respect of any matter or service referred to in Schedule C or Schedule D, read together with Schedule E, with the exception of Item 1 of Schedule C, including but not limited to, education, health, welfare, police (without prejudice to the National Standards and Regulations), prisons, state public services, such authority over civil and criminal laws and judicial institutions, lands, reformatories, personal law, intra-state business, commerce and trade, tourism, environment, agriculture, disaster intervention, fire and medical emergency services, commercial regulation, provision of electricity, water and waste management services, local Government, control of animal diseases and veterinary services, consumer protection, and any other matters referred to in the above Schedules;
  • Any power that a state or the National Government requests the Government of Southern Sudan to exercise on its behalf, subject to the agreement of the Government of Southern Sudan or that for reasons of efficiency the Government of Southern Sudan itself requests to exercise in South Sudan and that other level agrees;
  • Referenda in South Sudan on matters affecting South Sudan within the competencies of Southern Sudan Government;
  • Taxation and revenue raising in South Sudan;
  • South Sudan Budget;
  • Public utilities of Government of Southern Sudan;
  • Government of Southern Sudan flag and emblem;
  • Reconstruction and development of the Southern Sudan;
  • Government of Southern Sudan information, publications, media and telecommunications utilities;
  • Rehabilitation and benefits to disabled war veterans, orphans, widows and care for the dependents of deceased war fallen heroes;
  • Any matter relating to an item referred to in schedule D that cannot be dealt with effectively by a single state and requires Government of Southern Sudan legislation or intervention including, but not limited to the following:-
    • Matters relating to businesses, trade licenses and conditions of operation;
    • Natural resources and forestry;
    • Town and rural planning;
    • Disputes arising from the management of interstate waters within Southern Sudan;
    • Fire fighting and ambulance services;
    • GOSS reformatory institutions;
    • Firearms licenses within Southern Sudan; and
    • Government of Southern Sudan recreation and sports.
  • Such matters relating to taxation, royalties and economic planning as is specified in the Agreement on Wealth Sharing;
  • South Sudan census and statistics within the competence of the Southern Sudan Government;
  • Issuance of identity cards within South Sudan, driving licenses and any other appropriate documentation.

Source: Schedule B of the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan.

Cabinet Structure of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS)

H.E Lt. General Salva Kiir Mayardit

Vice President
Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon - 1st Vice President
James Wani Igga - 1st Vice President

Advisors to the President

Daniel Awet Akot Military Affairs
Tor Deng Mawien Decentralization & Intergovernmental Linkages
Tut Kew Security Affairs
Dr. John Gai Yoh Educational Affairs
Aggrey Tisa Sabuni Economic Affairs
Lawrence Korbandy Legal Affairs
Dr Anne Itto Agriculture and Food Security
Tahir Bior Abdalla Ajak Religious Affairs
Nhial Deng Nhial Senior Advisor and Presidential Envoy
Clement Wani Konga Special Affairs

Ministerial Portfolios and Ministers 

Name in Full Ministry
Hon. Martin Elia Lomoro Cabinet Affairs
Hon. Deng Alor Kuol Foreign Affairs
Hon. Kuol Manyang Juuk Defense and Veteran Affairs
Hon. Alfred Ladu Gore Interior
Hon. Paulino Wanawila Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Hon. Obutu Maboe Mete Minister, Office of the President for National Security
Hon. Peter Bashir Bandi Parliamentary Affairs
Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth Information, Communication, Technology and Postal Services
Hon. Richard K, Mulla Federal Affairs
Hon. Mayik Ayii Den Minister, Office of the President
Hon. David Deng Athorbei Finance and Economic Planning
Hon. Dak Duop Bichock Petroleum
Hon. Taban Deng Gai Mining
Hon. Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin Agriculture and Food Security
Hon. James Janda Duku Livestock and Fisheries
Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau Trade and Industries
Hon. Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing Energy and Dams
Hon. John Luk Jok Transport
Hon. Rebecca Joshua Okwaci Roads and Bridges
Hon. Josephine Napon Environment and Forestry
Hon. Mary Alphone Lodira Land, Housing and Urban Development
Hon. Mabior Garang de Mabior Water Resources and Irrigation
Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba Wildlife Conservation and Tourism
Hon. Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba Higher Education Science and Technology
Hon. Deng Deng Hoc General Education and Instructions
Hon. Dr. Riak Gai Kok Health
Hon. Peter Marcello Nasir Jelenge Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development
Hon. Awut Deng Acuil Gender, Child and Social Welfare
Hon. Dr. Nadia Arop Dudi Culture, Youth and Sports
Hon. Hussein Mar Nyuot Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management.

Deputy Ministers

Name in Full Ministry

Hon. Dr. Cirino Hiteng

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Hon. David Yau yau Defense and Veterans Affairs
Hon. Gabriel Duop Lam Interior
Hon. Martison Oturomoi Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Hon. Akol Paul Kordit

Iinformation, Communication, Technology and Postal Service
Hon. Mary Jervas Yak Finance and Planning
Hon. Konrnelio Kon Guk Agriculture and Food Security
Hon. Elizabeth Acuei Yol Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development


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Government of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS)

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