28 Nov 2020

Laws, Legislations and Policies 

  • Interpretation of Laws and General Provisions Act
  • Code of Evidence Act
  • Investigation Committees Act
  • Public Premises Eviction Act
  • Southern Sudan Research Council Act
  • Kush Institution Act
  • Judicial Service Council Act
  • Judiciary Act
  • Code of Criminal Procedure Act
  • Partnerships Act
  • Taxation Act(2009)
  • Registration of Business Names Act
  • Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development Organization Act
  • Penal Code Act
  • Child Act
  • Agency Act
  • Limited Partnerships Act
  • Contract Act
  • Investment Promotion Act (2009)


Source: goss-online.org


Last updated at 11/20/2020

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Governance of the Republic of South Sudan States

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    Lakes State   
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     Warrap State
     Western Bahr el Ghazal State
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