19 Jan 2020

Southern States Parliament


The Structure of the Southern Sudan States Government

The State Government in the South is based on the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan. According to the interim constitution, the state level of government, shall exercise authority at the state level throughout Southern Sudan and provide public services through to the level closest to the people, that is, the local government.

Like the Government of Southern Sudan, the state government has a constitution, an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch.

The Powers of the State Government

The State Constitution

The details of the structure of the state government and its responsibilities are defined by the constitutions of the states. The state constitutions may differ slightly from state to state, but are similar to, and compatible with, the Interim Constitution Southern Sudan.

At present, the draft State Constitutions of the 10 Southern States have been presented to the Federal Minister of Legal Affairs & Constitutional Development in the Government of National Unity (GoNU) by his counterpart in the Government of Southern Sudan. The drafts are awaiting endorsement, followed by a Certificate of Compatibility with the Interim National Constitution of Sudan.

The State Executive

The Executive Branch of the state government is headed by the Governor and is composed of the Governor, the Governor’s advisors and the State Ministers.

The Governor is accountable to the President of Southern Sudan while the State Ministers are answerable to the Governor.

The State Legislature

The Legislative Branch consists of the Interim State Legislative Assembly. They deliberate on laws relating to matters within the state.

The Interim Legislative Assemblies of the 10 Southern States;


The State Judiciary

The state constitution provides for the establishment of such state courts by the state judiciary as necessary. The State courts have civil and criminal jurisdiction in respect of state, Southern Sudan, and national laws. The structures and powers of the courts of the states of Southern Sudan shall be subject to the provisions of this Constitution and the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan.


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