14 Jul 2020

United Democratic Front

The UDF is a pro-independence Southern Sudanese party that was founded in 2003 and has since then been chaired by Peter Abdelrahman Sule, a law graduate from the University of Khartoum. Following the military takeover of 1989 he led the Imatong Liberation Front in Equatoria which in 1992 joined the SPLM-Nasir rebels. In 1994 Sule and others formed the SPLA-United which fought for the goal of self-determination in South Sudan. In 1997 the SPLA-United signed the Khartoum Peace Agreement but Sule and his supporters soon went into opposition calling openly for the separation of the South. In 2003, when he was the sole representative of the South in the National Assembly, Sule stated in an interview with a Swedish newspaper: “Northern Sudan is not my country. I feel more at home in Kampala in Uganda than in our country's capital Khartoum, and I am convinced that our future lies in a detailed guide to the Christian Africa, rather than against the Muslim Middle East.”

In 2004, soon after the outbreak of the rebellion in Darfur, Sule called for African Union (AU) troops. Since 2005 the UDF has strongly supported the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) yet is critical of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS). In a 2007 interview with Radio Miraya Sule stated: “corruption had been rampant and there have been talks from the public on how ministers live lavishly in Juba". Promoting close cooperation between the Southern parties  the UDF signed the resolutions of the “Dialogue between SPLM and Southern Political Parties” in November 2008.

In another radio interview Sule, who is also the chairman of the parliamentary bloc of the Southern Sudanese parties in the National Assembly, re-emphasized the UDF’s pro-independence stance: "the right choice for Southern Sudanese would be to vote for separation from the North so that the South can freely develop its own cultures and country without interference from the North." In April 2009 the UDF rejected a demand by the Council for Political Parties Affairs to adopt in its constitution the aim of “self-determination on the destiny of South Sudan”. Party chairman Sule re-emphasized that the aim remains “an independent sovereign South Sudan.”

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