14 Jul 2020

United South Sudan Party


To uphold the aspirations of the South Sudanese people.  To create opportunities for all.  To provide security and protection to all.  To root out tribalism, nepotism, favoritism and victimization.  To strive for economic growth and economic development.  United South Sudan Party (USSP) wants to work towards a society whose members can make the most of their talents without hindrance of any kind and to create more opportunities for everyone; a society that welcomes changes and in which people support each other; a society that acts on the conviction that, together, we hold the key to the future of South Sudan.  We want a South Sudan that will not be inward looking, but one that will make its due contribution towards making the world a better place for all. It is a struggle that we have to win by all means if we are to restore our dignity and to attain prosperity as a people.


We are steadfast in our commitment to keep South Sudan a safe and peaceful place to live in.  Together, we must say no to tribalism, no to nepotism, favoritism and corruption.  That means we must do everything in our power to uphold the rule of law and total respect for the Constitution of South Sudan. We will lead the way to create a free South Sudan and will strive to ensure that our goals are achieved.  We aim to achieve lasting peace, security and opportunities for all.


 In the United South Sudan Party (USSP), we are a team and work as a team in that it is everyone's responsibility to play their bit in helping USSP succeeds. We expect the South Sudanese people to take responsibility for the things that matter to their lives as a nation and also adopt effective ways of working to bring about results.
We will expect every South Sudanese to be sincere to our nation and to be open in giving us advice when we ask for such advice. When things go wrong, our focus will be fixing rather than avoiding the problem or apportioning blame.


 Respect for human dignity is one of our core values.  Therefore, United South Sudan Party (USSP) will treat people with respect at all times and at all levels. In return, we will expect people to exercise responsibility to one another and to the nation.  We will engage people positively and value their opinions.

God bless the South Sudanese People.

M. Tamania (USSP)

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