14 Jul 2020

United Sudan African Party

USAP was founded in 1987 as an umbrella of seven political parties , mainly from South Sudan, which aimed at uniting the parliamentary opposition from the marginalized areas. It was chaired by Eliaba Surur, a veteran politician of the South who later joined the SPLM/A. After the military takeover of 1989 USAP went underground led by Hilary Logali, another veteran politician of the South, who passed away in 1998. He was succeeded by Joseph Ukel, a former Regional Minister of Information. USAP stayed active in government controlled areas while recommending that its members in rebel held areas cooperate with the SPLM/A insurgents. In 1994 it joined the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), an umbrella of parties and forces opposed to the “National Salvation Revolution” rule of General Omar Al Bashir. USAP claims that it “became a close counselor to both SPLM and NCP during the Peace talks” that resulted in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005.

Under the power-sharing agreement of the CPA USAP was allocated ten seats in the National Assembly. Chairman Ukel currently serves as Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in the Government of National Unity. In November 2008 USAP signed the resolutions of the “Dialogue between SPLM and Southern Political Parties” that aims at closer cooperation between the SPLM-dominated Government of South Sudan (GOSS) and its opposition. USAP has declared as its main political objectives: “protecting the CPA, defending human rights, struggling to secure essential services to the Southern Sudan in particular and the Sudan in general.” In its “Basic Rules” USAP has defined as one of its main goals “unity in diversity” which is emphasized by the choice of Khartoum as its headquarters.

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Contact Khartoum head office: 01552 61 171

Information Source: www.electionnaire.org

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