8 Aug 2020

Central Equatoria Health Facilities

The state has one of the main health facilities in South Sudan; the Juba Teaching Hospital, which has a learning institute that provides training to medical personnel and admits students taking medical courses. The institute previously offered certificate courses but due to the high demand, it is now offering diploma causes. This was made possible through the support of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Over 100 students graduated last year from the institute. Most graduated as: Clinical officers, Orthopedics/ theatre specialists and laboratory technicians.

The following services are offered at the hospital:

  • Laboratory services
  • X-ray
  • Theatre services
  • Antenatal care
  • Consultancy

Next to Juba Teaching Hospital is Juba Medical Complex, a private hospital established by a doctors union (both national and international). It offers broad medical services including:

  • ECG
  • X-Ray
  • Laboratory
  • Eye services
  • Theatre
  • Surgery
  • Consultancy  

The State also has a specialised eye clinic located at Hai Game near Juba Day Secondary School.

Other clinics and health facilities include:
Lou Specialized clinic:
Phone: +211 954 669 852
E-mail: chob_ajak@yahoo.com

Field of Specialization

  • Consultant Pediatric
  • Consultant Physician & Nephrologists
  • Consultant General Surgeon
  • Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologists
  • Consultant General Surgeon

Cost Break Down


  • Minor Operation    
Less than 30 Min  500 SSP
  • Intermediate Operation
Btn 30 Min & 45Min  1000 SSP
  • Major Operation    
Btn 45 Min & 90 Min 2000 SSP
  • Extra Major Operation
Btn 2 – 3 hrs  3000 SSP

Consultation fees

  • Fees for Consultant Doctors - 100 SSP
  • Fees for Medical Officers - 60 SSP


  • Accommodation Fee for Private- 300 SSP
  • Accommodation Fee for Semi Private - 150 SSP
  • Accommodation  Fee for Wards - 50 SSP

Others are:

  • Dr. Wole Clinic in Yei and Kajo-keji
  • Morobo Clinic in Mauna and a branch in Tongping
  • EB Clinic in Munuki
  • Dr. Festo Children and Women’s Hospital located at Seven Days round about

The state has primary health care units (PHCUs) and primary health care centres (PHCCs). In total the state has sixty four (64)  PHCUs and PHCCs; 28 PHCCs and 36 PHCUs. All these are operational in Central Equatoria.
In the military and police section, there is:

  • Buluk Police Hospital
  • Giada/Amnia Military Hospital
Last updated at 7/6/2020
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