20 Nov 2019

Eastern Equatoria

Health Centres in Torit

There are three main health facilities in the State:

  1. Torit Hospital
  2. Nimule Hospital
  3. Kapoeta Hospital

There are a number of Primary Health Care Units in the State:

  1. Keyala PHCU
  2. Ikwoto PHCU
  3. Chukudum PHCU
  4. Pajok PHCU
  5. Labone PHCU
  6. Owiny Ki Bul PHCU

Primary Health Care Centres in the State are:

  1. Imurok PHCC
  2. Torit Diocese PHCC
  3. Abara PHCC
  4. Naru PHCC
  5. Lafon PHCC
  6. Imatong PHCC

There are also military PHCCs namely: Owiny-Ki Bul PHCC and Torit Military PHCC.

Last updated at 7/4/2019
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