1 Dec 2020

Humanitarian Organizations - Jonglei

Several NGOs operate in the state, providing different services.

  1. ZOA operates in Bor County, implementing projects in Anyidi, Kolyang and Makuach payams. They engage in food security work through training local farmers and giving them seeds and farming tools. They also undertake water and sanitation activities, including sinking of boreholes. ZOA is also undertaking a peace building project for conflict mitigation by training local chiefs and church leaders.
    Contact person: Michael
    Telephone: +211 955787843
  2. Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC) has operations in Bor, Twic East and Duk counties. Their activities are in education emergencies through; supporting teachers through provision of incentives, training, constructing temporary classrooms in rural areas using locally available materials. It also conducts peace building activities by training local administrators. NRC also supports water and sanitation through drilling of boreholes as well as food security by distribution fishing tools such as canoes.
    Norwegian Refugees Council Office Contacts:
    Telephone: +211 950200068/  +211 959300228
  3. Humanitarian Development Consortium (HDC) operates in Bor County. Its activities include implementing a UNHCR project. It also supports general protection, provides traditional shelters and non-food items and supports 35 females by building a fish market through funding by UNMISS .
    HDC Office Contact:
    Telephone: +211 95511137
Last updated at 11/20/2020
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