Humanitarian Organizations

The Humanitarian Needs

The state hosts several persons displaced by the internal conflict that erupted in South Sudan in 2013. There are close to 12,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), majority of whom came from Abyei and Bentiu. They are currently hosted at different protection bases at  Alel Chok, North East of Wau, 5 kilometres from Wau town, at Abuny Bunny in eastern Wau, 6kilometres from the town, at Bhar Yar in northern Wau, 7kilometres from Wau town and at the IOM way station, 10 kilometers north east of Wau.

The IDPs remain in need of the following:

  1. Food items
  2. Shelter and clothing
  3. Water and sanitation
  4. Health facilities
  5. Moral support (psycho- social)

A number of NGOs are providing assistance to the IDPs as enumerated below:




Food items


Shelter and clothing


Shelter and water


Health facilities


Psycho- social

Last updated at 7/4/2016
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