28 Nov 2020


State Information

Business in Jonglei

The following banks operate in the area:

  1. Liberty Commercial Bank
  2. Kush Agricultural Bank 

Licenses and Taxes: These are paid to the South Sudan Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industries through the state revenue authorities in the state.

Agricultural activities in the state

Different crops are grown in the area for domestic and commercial purposes. They include: Sorghum, groundnut and maize.


The state is covered by major mobile telecommunication networks including:

  1. Zain
  2. Vivacell
  3. MTN

They offer voice, messaging and data services and different rates. There are no internet cafes but most people use modems.

Mass Media

The main radio that is on air in Jonglei is Jonglei Radio 95.9 FM. It covers Greater Bor,Twic East County, part of Greater Pibor, part of Central Equatoria (Terekeka County) and part of Lakes State (Awerial County). The radio station can be reached on: Telephone: 0955120395 and through e-mail: email.mgutyin2013@gmail.com


Oil companies operating in the state include:

    1. Seaway petroleum
    2. Warsam Holdings Co.
    3. Aduar Petroleum
    4. Standard Gas Petroleum
    5. Mam Petroleum
    6. Wurbur Petroleum
    7. Burfik Petroleum Company
Last updated at 11/20/2020