20 Sep 2020

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Miss South Sudan Beauty Pageant The Miss South Sudan Organization is a non-profit organization that was found to promote education and seek global advancement for the Southern Sudanese women.
The Free South Sudan This site does not claim to officially represent any group or any interest in the South; rather it is the accumulation of personal dreams and effort. This site is dedicated to the children, women and men of the South Sudan who died or were killed before……
The Dinka A Cross Cultural Study by Christine Preston (Nagle College, Blacktown) for the Society and Culture Association. Also provides a link to Washington Post’s photos of Dinka lifestyle.
The Dinka Culture  
Sudanese Gospel resource This page contains links to Bibles, stories and Sudanese web sites. Many followers of Jesus are praying that God will bless the Sudanese people, and some of the links on this page have information to help them learn more about the language and culture of Sudan.
South Sudan Organization in Finland This website is a product of a course lectured by Mr. Krishnan Narayana to whom I owe a lot of thanks and appreciation for his patience that must have come from his unquestionable passion to teach.
South Sudan Friends International South Sudanese Friends International (SSFI) is committed to grassroots solutions in southern Sudan. SSFI believes that to share the love of Jesus Christ with the people of southern Sudan in a way that leads them towards peaceful and self-reliant living from the grassroots level, so that available resources will meet the needs of their communities.
Imatong Mountains (Torit) IMATONG south sudan is an independent effort to bring the world closer to the peoples of South Sudan.
Uncle Loi website The uncleloi.net basically aims at enabling the Southern Sudanese from all different corners of the world an access to information.
Darfur Information Centre With the current political violence in Darfur, and the involvement of various political parties and ethnicities, it's important to a have a comprehensive source that serves as a gateway for the plethora of news on Darfur, and at the same time to have educational and advocacy purposes.
South Sudanese Community Association in NYC The SSC was begun in 1994 to assist the growing number of Sudanese refugees arriving each year to the Rochester/Buffalo areas.
SOSSA in Germany (Written in German.) SOSSA is a nonprofit organization assisting Southern Sudanese refugees in the field of education placing special emphasis on girls and adolescents.
Youth Peace Building Initiative This website is an attempt to bring to light the activities of the YPBI Sudan at the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) towards peacebuilding at the grassroots level.
Ruweng People’s The Ruweng People Association is a non-profit humanitarian organization founded by Ruweng refugees.
New Sudan African Society This website is designed by the New Sudan African Society, to inform the World about the atrocities occurring in the Sudan.
The Sudan Lost Boy
Key to North Travel guide to The Sudan. Gives information on how to get to the Sudan from neighboring countries.


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