20 Mar 2019
"Do we fold our hands and wait for Europe and North America to come to the rescue, at the risk of them not coming? Whose peace is this after all, European or South Sudanese?"
"The proposed deployment of Ugandan (UPDM) and Sudanese forces (SAF) in the South Sudan territory in key security sensitive locations and in training of the national armed and organised forces, compromises national sovereignty; this mandate should be specified and authorised by the UN SC..."
"It is only through dialogue, open and frank talk that can bring peace, unity, development to our people or among the community members who are divided along social and political lines."
"If the President was sincere and honest about peace implementation, he should have gone on his regional tours along with Dr. Riek Machar...his Bahr al Ghazal visit should have been the last leg of his peace tour."
"I contend that any person in his right mind who knows the colour of a fire brigade vehicle will not ask further questions on seeing the car I’m driving on lover's day."
"That burden of democracy and sustainable peace development laid with a radical approach in a future ‘all peoples national alliance for democracy and freedom action’ alternative government, one that shares power equally between the peoples of Equatoria-Upper Nile-Bahr al Ghazal inclusively..."
"...the revitalized government must, as a matter of urgency, realize that South Sudan has come to the stage where emotion, personal and sectional interest must give way to a deep reflected critical thinking toward laying a solid foundation for a just, united and stable society."
"Reading and buying the books they like and gravitating towards the writing system they prefer. This is how standard written Thwɔjäŋ is going to emerge in the future."
"It seems we are now destined to the continuation of the current status quo of autocratic hegemony of Dinka ruling elites with paradoxically the blessing and participation of the SPLM-FDs".
"Some former politicians opposed to the idea of uniting the SPLM speak as if they have nothing in common with FD. Boldness at best, or hypocrisy on steroids?"
"Despite this social change however there is still a steady incline in the sale of skin-bleaching products."
"Not only is the pursuit of selfish short-term gains confined to opposition politicians, but government politicians are equally complicit in this vice."
"A man with ribs showing like a bamboo fence is stripped to his dirty underwear. His lower lip swollen like liver of an elephant is bleeding...The person who reduced him to a road spectacle is a woman in a pair of shorts bulging with uneven buttoc."
"Furthermore, the painful political betrayal of the people of the state is the handing over of the sovereignty of the country to the Ugandan government through the security arrangements."
"Dinka culture does not practice and encourage auction of Dinka Girls as claimed by some feminists, media outlets and activists: A case of Nyalong Ngong Deng from Awerial County of Eastern Lakes State."
"A cab driver whose greying hair disappears in a blue baseball cap grins at me as if he has more than 32 set of teeth. He is trying to win me with a fake smile as if made in China."
" I want to pray that South Sudanese understand that as long as there are unique or exclusive views that keep away the possibility of political, economic, social and cultural equality, it will be hard to achieve true peace."
"I strongly feel the weight of the argument that what South Sudan needs is peace in our hearts, not positions for all! The most important ingredient for peace to reign is GOOD WILL!"
"Jungle Chronicles, gives the reader, especially the younger reader,....a round historical trip, engaging the reader to reflect on the past, present, and future." <br />
"Those days when you use to be able to win with the “vigana defence” are over...so don’t piss on me and tell me it is raining!"<br />
"As long as there are constituencies with villages linked by footpaths, represented by absentee MPs with expensive cars – representation will remain theoretical..! In my upset mind, a good start is to require all MPs to have their official residence within their constituencies – orthey are..."
"We dance to his tunes as if Abyei, Panthou and other areas in between have finally felt the breeze of peace blowing from the North".<br />
"In sum, we are not supporting regime change, but rather we support system change to disincentivize the grand corruption and mass looting of the state."<br /><br />
Denying existence of abductees who have been spotted in one of your ghost houses is another dreadful omen that you are not telling me the truth for me to trust you...celebrations and cocky hugs will not build trust to deliver peace to our people."<br />
"Loneliness imposes writing or reading on me. To others it imposes robbery on them or other forms of subversion...Football stadiums have been radicalised by the female gender. Football is no longer a male domain or the preserve of people with balls."
"They decided to empower the local population to stand united as unique Negroid African entity... Unfortunately, London-Cairo-Khartoum geopolitics betrayed the expectations of Southern Sudanese for self-rule. London preferred appeasing the traditional elites in Khartoum to strike a blow on Cairo."
"...there’s a program underway to push out leaders that don’t fit nicely into the democratic narrative, and to make way for a more malleable new generation of leaders that will accommodate, without pushback, the outside designs for the region."
"Obviously, she made us carry our own ‘cross for the crucifixion.’ We were real fools! Young and dumb, spoiled and illiterate? What a terrible combination!"
"The peace deal signed today in Addis Ababa between the government of South Sudan and armed opposition groups has significant flaws, including failing to address the looting by leaders of state resources and revenues."
"No party should be allowed to roam around without any written document (reference) such as an internal Constitution and expects to share power in the transitional government."