"Nothing personal here, but I think, it were time the son of Wek Ateny wised up a bit in fitting attire or jump before being pushed further and further into the deep end of the presidential pool."
"We are pleading with you, Mr. President, to release Gen. Malong Awan from his current house arrest to attend to his fatherly obligations, including providing a decent funeral to his daughter."
"What a difference it would have made if these names now appearing on the Jieng Council of Elders were listed amongst a “South Sudan’s Council of Elders”, amongst whom names of elders like Joseph Lagu, Abel Alier, Angelo Beda, Bishop Paride Taban, Bona Malual, and many more would figure?"
"I have listened carefully to a lot of wise and level-headed Kenyans calling publicly on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon Riala Odinga to wise up and divert a catastrophe that may set back Kenya and region."
"Whose heart does not break for the promise we have now lost? ...the currently prevailing leadership has cost us a whole generation of destruction".
The renewed fighting, as a matter of fact, paralyzed the TGoNU. Although the parties, SPLM, SPLM IO (Taban's wing) and FDs, tried to rescue and uphold the ARCSS, they could not manage a credible ceasefire up to date.
"...non-governmental organizations and even government are shifting to electricity based solar panels. It looks like solar energy systems can make relatively good business in Juba and other areas in South Sudan."
"Focusing only on cashing and ignoring the core technical part of the industry may lead to a serious mismanagement phenomena known as kleptocracy."
"Instead of they soliciting money for the university, they think their being in the council is an employment and thus expect financial benefits from the university. With such mentality, how can these councils enhance scientific research and publication?"
“You won’t intimidate me, I’ll only follow the law that I swore to protect” Maraga tells Uhuru,
"South Sudanese are waiting for peace first to start developmental activities but they can never wait for peace to start sex, so start using condoms now for a healthy nation."
"From Siasa Mbaya, a chain of unfortunate events can transpire leading to an all-out war and needless suffering as is the case in South Sudan".
"Do you hear the limping eunuchs mocking you that you are a useless mother who lacks even a praise singer to eulogise your fading beauty?"
I have un-dominant blood To go and whip The Assembly Speakers.I lack the wizards poison So that I may Poison the African leaders With jur blindness
"Change blows no horn… It comes unannounced To take greedy man by the throat! To where will the master run then?"
"The editor of the anthology makes a further misleading assertion: Juba, he says, is a city without poets. (Can there be such a thing? A city without poets?)"
"I am making this desperate appeal to the world out there from Munigi Camp, Goma, DRC on the 6th anniversary of the botched independence of our young nation."
"A stable future under Kiir or Machar seems far-fetched. Military hard-liners are threatening to step in and take over the country. But chaos and dictatorship need not reign."
"Put under critical prism in regards to provision of basic life amenities and upholding of human rights, South Sudan can almost now be called “Republic of NGOs”, surviving on mercy of foreign humanitarian sympathy and moral obligations of the natural law (enforced by human conscience)."
"All those in positions of responsibility must commit to implementing the recommendations of the National Dialogue for a major reform and transformation of the system in the collective interest of the nation and a better life for future generations." Francis Mading Deng.
"Proposed justice measures in South Sudan – including the Hybrid Court – can be pursued despite disruptions in the implementation of the peace agreement".
"But, for hundreds of thousands of our children whom we have made “new refugees” in Kakuma and elsewhere, from where will their salvation come in the current political environment? That is, squarely, our burden to which we must find a speedy and lasting solution."
"...the internationals continue to expend needless energy and diplomatic capital on cobbling together a force that will have no impact on the civilian populations most in need of protection."
"We need South Sudan where young people are allowed to constructively express their voices freely without fear and favour."
"We must cease and desist from violence. We need to start this dialogue now, not in the future. We must start, however poor the start, as long as it looks like dialogue, we must give it a trial. That is why ND, poorly initiated as it was, must be given a trial."<br />
"JMEC looks forward to the successful deployment of the newly trained Police Officers as per the requirement of the Agreement, he said".
"If IGAD is not prepared to lead and commit the necessary diplomatic resources and political will, that role should shift to the African Union or the United Nations, with strong support from the United States and other Troika members.”
"Government should create conducive environment that will allow civil society and community based-organizations to sensitize civil population about the danger of child marriage and SGBV...It’s State responsibility to protect women and girls against SGBV...
"The recent ceasefire is welcome, but the UK, and the international community, expects them to do much more to ensure the peace process is both inclusive and sincere. There is no excuse for inaction."