20 Sep 2018
"Obviously, she made us carry our own ‘cross for the crucifixion.’ We were real fools! Young and dumb, spoiled and illiterate? What a terrible combination!"
"Mr. Peter’s approach represents what South Sudan most needs—a culture of challenging authorities/others using ideas, not violence...These rights are so fundamental to our existence as individuals and without them, we are simply slaves of a system we created."
"The peace deal signed today in Addis Ababa between the government of South Sudan and armed opposition groups has significant flaws, including failing to address the looting by leaders of state resources and revenues."
"No party should be allowed to roam around without any written document (reference) such as an internal Constitution and expects to share power in the transitional government."
"It is, in fact, contradictory for Gen. Cirillo (NAS) to call for immediate implementation of Federalism during the transitional period through the ongoing Talks when in the first place he wanted “crafting and adopting, through a wide consultative process,a modern, democratic, ..."
"Some people in Juba have no idea who Albino was. The man was a wealthy contractor. In his youth he made adventures in the gold frontiers of Mobutu’s Zaire, before CNN discovered the Congo River."
"The real world is not black and white only; there are many other colours and their shades besides. And they matter, too....no tin god can wake up one cloudy morning and declare shutting down the programme"
"By releasing Peter he will also restore confidence in the present peace talks and agreements being undertaken in Khartoum".
"...this haunting memory calls for rethinking the peace process for the parties to negotiate in good faith and sign an agreement that will bring a lasting peace to this great country of millions martyrs."
"But after painting Juba red last week, the once-pregnant osofia bag of dollars has become lighter, the contents having been released into the market."
"Fr Saturnino Lohure, told parliament that there was no force in the world that would prevent the people of Southern Sudan to liberate themselves from the oppression of the Northern ruling class, if they- the Southern Sudanese- decided to do so."
"The regional effort to return peace to South Sudan suffer setbacks due to a web of conflicting interests."
This is a petition developed by CASS which is intended to get the support of South Sudanese everywhere. We particularly want to get ethnic group leaders, academics and other leaders to sign on; but individuals may as well. Please distribute to your lists. We need responses by July 23rd. Thank you.
"The man suffered from oral diarrhoea. When he opened his mouth hate speech escaped unedited. Walls fell. Bridges collapsed. Anarchy".
“Sorry, sister. I don’t know about Japan. Everything here is made in China, including ice cream and the artificial hair on your head. Even your round face looks like made in China.”
"Hand Shake, Plastic Smiles, Music and Dance, Home Away From Home...If they get lost in the suburbs of their former days of grinding poverty they can easily find their way to the five-star hotel."<br />
"Freedom Square is overgrown with grass. Some workers in dark-blue dungarees started mowing the tall grass a few days ago. The statue, which symbolises liberation, is peeling. Oh, dear!"
"National dialogues have ever since proven to be one of the best frameworks for conflict resolution throughout the world and many examples of successful national dialogues are found in Africa and the Middle East."
"Humour in the face of hardships as a result of war is socially engineered as a shock absorber, a coping mechanism for resilient people. Everything is now 'Booming' in Juba, even poverty!"<br />
"We appeal to all South Sudanese citizens to own the Permanent Ceasefire and engage fully by closely following all stages of peace negotiation at any venue."
"A lion once said to the victim who was wounded the previous night by a lion that it is us who break human bone in the night and fix the same in the morning" Unknown
"Any country that does not live on the foundation of evidence-based policy options relevant to each case scenario is doomed to perpetual crisis".
“One of the strategies to force the warring parties to comply and secede from their hard line positions is to reduce or remove their military powers…this power would create the conditions that can expedite a genuine negotiated settlement of the conflict…”
“How is it that from 2005 to the present, some of the heroes of the South Sudan’s war of liberation seem to have turned, saying “This time round is for recompense for us and our cousins only. No place for others, prosperity or tomorrow!”
"In view of capacity gaps and lack of trust in sections of the South Sudanese political class, a hybrid arrangement composed of untainted South Sudanese technocrats and AU-UN nominees may be the preferred pathway for managing the transition in South Sudan."
“It was regrettably a wishful naivety to have thought that the tainted history of abortive governments and oppositions of the Sudan would absolve ‘independent’ South Sudan from inheriting the DNA of bad governance".."There is no time to waste. We must either unite now or perish” – Nyerere.
"But if, on the other hand, the warring parties hold to the previous positions that they held during the February 5th -16th 2018 conference, which led to the failure of the second HLRF meeting, the answer is a Big No."
"You bring Riek Machar to Juba here. I guarantee his safety and I will protect him with the national army. If you don't believe me, the RPF [Regional Protection Force] is here. You bring the RPF to take charge of the security of Riek Machar in Juba..."