20 Jan 2020
"If Sudan’s Riverine Arabs have distinguished themselves for anything throughout Sudan’s long history, it is scheming silently for an opportunity to strike. If I were Burhan, I would never sleep soundly in that Presidential Palace".

"...even if the arbitration tribunal does it job, where are the parties going to cultivate the political will to implement the arbitral award that is now lacking to reach an agreement on the outstanding issues."
"Politicians in the Western world, like former U.S Congressman Charles Brownson, learned long time ago that 'Never quarrel a man who buys ink by the barrel'.”
"Over all, it is the business of any government, national or local, to see that law and order, as well as fair play amongst and between ethnic communities are maintained. Sustained over time, a more united nation will emerge".
"The matters are administrative and should be resolved as such. Journalist Ijjo Bosco should be released. Based on all that have been mentioned against him, the arrest and continues detention are both unjustified!"
"In sum, the creation of the 32 states was a political act carried out in violation of the Transitional Constitution. The fact that an amendment was made to the Transitional Constitution ex post to give the President such power is immaterial..."
"If I did not feel so sad for the country, it would be comical! But this is not a laughing matter; it is about a country whose sovereignty was watered with immense quantities of liberators' blood, now being turned into a banana republic of sorts".<br /><br />
"The young turks who are supposed to deliver the baton to the future have sipped from the poisoned chalice and are running amok in the neighbourhoods, spraying lurid graffiti in their wake, as they prey on each other, swept away by the violent winds of urban gangsterism."
"I am also urging you to join the campaign for inclusion of women and youth enterprise Development Fund in the national budget so that the youth and women who have the capacity can be given capital to start businesses."
"If the leaders do not have a conception on how to start tackling these issues right away, it will be hard for the people of South Sudan to see value in this political arrangement and the deal will be just a little more than a postponement of conflict".
"And if there was clear evidence of corruption among his top lieutenants, he would not merely beg them to return stolen public resources but would have leveraged whatever tools at his disposal to hold the culprits accountable."<br />
"They are, sadly, polarizing and creating divisions instead of building bridges and connecting people. Some state governors are operating under trees. County commissioners operate from their own houses while walking on foot."
"So, unless something drastic is done soon that will shore up the quality and standards of the universities, many countries may soon not recognize the degrees of the South Sudanese degrees."<br /><br />
RJMEC Interim Chairperson Amb. Augostino Njoroge said: “I would like to remind all of you of the need to fine-tune your budgets and keep them realistic, and to implement activities according to principles of transparency and accountability.”<br /><br />
"Dictatorship should not be tried at home! It is counterproductive. Its fruits are sweet at the short term but more of sugar coated bitter medicinal concoction. It is not healthy!"<br />
"We never believed that there would be another war that could make us flee the country again like we did back then".
If what it means to be “a South Sudanese woman” is to relinquish my mind, in order to accept illogical conclusion reached by cultural biases, then I refuse to be a ‘good South Sudanese woman.’
"Decides that until his final status is determined at the upcoming Ordinary Summit of the IGAD Assembly, the SPLM – IO Leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny shall be allowed to stay in a country of his choice in the region". As a result, the country of his choice became Khartoum, Sudan;... but he's t free.
"He ordered those who occupied the houses and assets of the internally displaced and those who are in the Oppositions to vacate them immediately".
"Abbreviated text messages are addictive like cocaine. You get used to it, and that becomes your comfort zone, ruining your command of the English language in the process."<br /><br />
"You cannot swear in the R-TGoNU using a Constitution that has not incorporated the very R-ARCSS, for it is through the incorporation of the R-ARCSS into the TCRSS that the R-TGoNU shall gain legitimacy and legality."
"When Juba civil servants come to Wau and taste Kombo Wau from the hearth of a Jama Wau woman they will not return to Juba, so went the old story."<br /><br />
“This time the security situation will be more serious. Formation of the TGoNU before completing putting together the necessary unified force (NUF) would mean not two armies as was the case in 2015 but multiple armies.”
"When Taban, one of our own went to Japan, he didn't run first to a Toyota showroom, but he conquered the heart of Japan itself, so to speak, by melting Niko’s heart with poetry. And between those covers the poet invites us the readers to enjoy the journey of love,..."
"We better give ourselves two more months to get things right rather than rush as we did in 2016 to form the government just for it to collapse in two months and the country goes back to war".
"In 2019, South Sudanese must unite and speak unequivocally, in the clearest and unmistakeable voice that rejects the usual palace intrigues of J1. It's time to raise the bar on leadership and start electing servant leaders who will put people first..."
"There are efforts being made to include the non-signatories of the R-ARCSS into the Agreement, as well as those who broke out from SSOA. However, they have already formed a new group opposed to Juba and the R-ARCSS."
"Do not abuse those powers. Seize the moment and put the Country on the right trajectory...While reporting from the National Legislative Assembly I came to realise that many of the legislators are even unaware of their own internal rules and regulations."
"We have been fighting each other because we allowed the gun to talk on our behalf. But the gun kills, destroys, traumatises. Radio is like the big village tree where court is held, where people gather to talk good things of life and laugh."
"...it is now apparently clear that nothing substantive is being done to pragmatically get out quickly from the bottleneck of 12th November 2019, apart from spreading the venoms of unhelpful political positions."