18 Nov 2019
"Decides that until his final status is determined at the upcoming Ordinary Summit of the IGAD Assembly, the SPLM – IO Leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny shall be allowed to stay in a country of his choice in the region". As a result, the country of his choice became Khartoum, Sudan;... but he's t free.
"We never believed that there would be another war that could make us flee the country again like we did back then".
If what it means to be “a South Sudanese woman” is to relinquish my mind, in order to accept illogical conclusion reached by cultural biases, then I refuse to be a ‘good South Sudanese woman.’
"He ordered those who occupied the houses and assets of the internally displaced and those who are in the Oppositions to vacate them immediately".
"Abbreviated text messages are addictive like cocaine. You get used to it, and that becomes your comfort zone, ruining your command of the English language in the process."<br /><br />
"You cannot swear in the R-TGoNU using a Constitution that has not incorporated the very R-ARCSS, for it is through the incorporation of the R-ARCSS into the TCRSS that the R-TGoNU shall gain legitimacy and legality."
"When Juba civil servants come to Wau and taste Kombo Wau from the hearth of a Jama Wau woman they will not return to Juba, so went the old story."<br /><br />
“This time the security situation will be more serious. Formation of the TGoNU before completing putting together the necessary unified force (NUF) would mean not two armies as was the case in 2015 but multiple armies.”
"When Taban, one of our own went to Japan, he didn't run first to a Toyota showroom, but he conquered the heart of Japan itself, so to speak, by melting Niko’s heart with poetry. And between those covers the poet invites us the readers to enjoy the journey of love,..."
"We better give ourselves two more months to get things right rather than rush as we did in 2016 to form the government just for it to collapse in two months and the country goes back to war".
"In 2019, South Sudanese must unite and speak unequivocally, in the clearest and unmistakeable voice that rejects the usual palace intrigues of J1. It's time to raise the bar on leadership and start electing servant leaders who will put people first..."
"There are efforts being made to include the non-signatories of the R-ARCSS into the Agreement, as well as those who broke out from SSOA. However, they have already formed a new group opposed to Juba and the R-ARCSS."
"Do not abuse those powers. Seize the moment and put the Country on the right trajectory...While reporting from the National Legislative Assembly I came to realise that many of the legislators are even unaware of their own internal rules and regulations."
"We have been fighting each other because we allowed the gun to talk on our behalf. But the gun kills, destroys, traumatises. Radio is like the big village tree where court is held, where people gather to talk good things of life and laugh."
"...it is now apparently clear that nothing substantive is being done to pragmatically get out quickly from the bottleneck of 12th November 2019, apart from spreading the venoms of unhelpful political positions."
"The most crucial questions remains, though. Who is more responsible for this, the neocolonialists or the people who run our country?"
"Some East African community members states, apart from Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania have no respect for our country's sovereignty. They too often oppose laws that are meant to improve the livelihood of our people."
"I gather in a year the average reporter can attend about four or more media workshops in the country, in the region, or China. China especially has been sponsoring journalists to visit Beijing and other cities so that when they return to their countries they can write favourably about China’s..."
"When a journalist interrupted him with 'are you going to resign?' his acknowledged buddy, Donald Trump, batted in: 'That’s a rude question! He is going nowhere!'”<br />
"The people of our country desire peace. The political leadership should listen to demands of the people. They should bury individual differences, and work together to restore lasting peace across OUR Lands."
"But as we now plan to implement that peace agreement, we must keep in mind that it too can collapse in our faces if we continue to do things just the way we’ve been doing since 2005."
"Even now, in the clamour for more states, I doubt we are ready yet to listen to a few home truths. Lets keep running; but we will listen when we hit the wall."<br /><br />
"It is madness and silly of us to continue to think that there will be peaceful elections in which the two will compete, then accept the winner as legitimately elected".
"The only viable manner Dr. Riek Machar could serve and save the people of South Sudan, was to temporarily abdicate the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO and hand over authority to his deputy Hon. Henry Odwar."
"Apparently, the country is already put on the path of federal arrangements, with the Ministry of Federal Affairs established but the people must explore what federal system best suits South Sudan."
"President Kiir, on the other hand, is being called all kind of names, including a 'useful idiot' – a calculated term intended to drive him insane and demoralize both the country and supporters".
"I don’t understand why the people who lead Kenya are not disturbed by doing business with a foreign rebel General, Paul Malong Awan, who continues to use Nairobi as the base of a violent military rebellion and does not respect the rights of underage children".<br /><br />
"Thus, let’s not be “useful idiots” by compromising accountability and transparency and cheering on people who wreak havocs on us every year."
“It, in principle, also means we’d avoid falling into debt with the Chinese as has happened to some countries recently."
"For me I just wanted to go to Bonga, get trained, received my gun and everything a real soldier gets and headed straight back to the village to terrorize boys there. But, here I was in the face of uncertainty. I began to wish I had listened to my mother."<br /><br />