3 Apr 2020
"My appeal to Prof John Akec with his staff is that, kindly allow them to sit but they must be given timeframe to settle the fees. Should they fail to honour it, the Administration will then be on the safe side."

"Such violence involving police attacks on citizens, yanking people off moving motorcycle transports (boda boda), whipping journalists, breaking cameras, engaging in hand duels with street vendors and demolishing markets in such a manner as to churn one’s stomach, ..."
"...the clustering arrangements under R-ARCISS 2018 sent a wrong signal that these clusters are solely run, supervised, and fall within the mandate of each Vice President..."this gives impression that the government is divided into six mini cabinets". Dr Yoh.
"I would like to strongly remind H.E. the President of what he knows: this RARCISS abrogation is only possible when you have decided to leave power to others. It is the snare that has ensnared you with all the parties and put your neck to the noose."
"I know they'll become our best agents in uprooting this rooted Savage, cruel approaches to ethnic politics and corruption."
"In a small way, the recent appointment of a woman as Minister of Defence is an excellent move for the R-TGoNU. It is a pointer of the necessary reforms needed to professionalise our army for better defence of the nation". JJA<br /><br />
"One reasons we are so critical of divorced women in this community is because we expect them to act like mothers. We expect them to stay no matter how abusive or exploitative the marriage is".
" A Military governor for Warrap State as the solution to sectional conflicts there is a misguided proposal...Let's walk the talk and separate politics from real crisis...."<br />
"In conclusion, the recent Transitional Government of National Unity has already featured in a very small way, a poor, improper or misallocation of some mandate holders related to the above Institutions and others that I did not mention".<br /><br />
"I pray that our Archdiocese of Juba doesn't break up and let us all overcome this challenge and build a stronger Metropolitan Archdiocese that includes all South Sudanese and those who live within the Archdiocese."
"...they're definitely ready to steer the reform agenda, particularly with the former mandate holder separating the Public Prosecution Attorneys from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, and provide it with requisite support to stand against growing impunity in South Sudan..."
"...no change to religious and racial social attitudes, and they are not likely to change soon, from “Arab and Islamic identity” for a Sudanese inclusive national identity."
"An Education System where quality educational services are delivered on the basis of the problem-based approach and experiential teaching and learning domains in a non-threatening learning environment." <br />
"While confined along the Acholi corridor, the locusts are reportedly consuming whatever vegetation in their sight, including virus-infected raw pawpaws, the game is turning out to be that of the terminator being terminated. Ayiwala!"
"Such a broadcaster will not giving fair opportunity for opposition parties to criticise the government where and when necessary or publicise their policies for public consumption."
"But the diehard tribalists among them have retreated to their tribal base to mobilise their elders to convince the Big Man to make their son a minister, if not a governor, and if not even a mayor will do".
"I have spent hours with the commander from SPLA who arrived first at the spot of the wrecked Russian made helicopter. He found the black box, travelled to Moscow with it and was present when it was opened and investigated by Russian experts." Halle Jorn Hanssen<br /><br />
"As the national first Vice President, Dr. Riek should focus on supporting the people of Ruweng and help them by rekindling strategies of reconciliation and trust building among all the people across ethnic divides of the former Greater Unity State."
“A controversial article written by Professor Taban Lo Liyong and addressed to President Trump’s Special Delegation to South Sudan is socially segregative and professionally disintegrative”.
"There is a difference between inciting people on what doesn't exist and airing out grievances on what can be factually proven or disproved. I would have used a different language and tone but we have a problem that should not be brushed aside and frowned at on the mention of "Dinka."
"God is telling us: peace! peace! and peace only! We must go for peace! Anything else shall be available to us. But we shall not get this peace, if it leaves us again."
"The intimidation and harassment have led to self-censorship and have a corrosive effect on research and publication."
"What happened to Prof Taban is exactly what Idi Amin said that " there is a freedom of speech but I cannot guarantee freedom after the speech".
"Lest we forget the cause for secession from Sudan, the aspirations of which were anchored on fundamental values notably equality, fair treatment, freedom from repression and hegemonic attitude, just society, democracy etc, the future of the country and her people appear bleak."
"When girls who are barely 13 years of age are tossed to the limelight to entertain dignitaries at public events, taught by adult women...to gyrate and swing their waists what follows is experimentation, behaving as if they were eligible, then, before the plume from the male dancer is blown off..."
"'Making America Regret Again' will be the new moniker if Donald Trump wins the election again. So far, America is now a laughing stock. The mighty nation on earth is running out of stock of democracy, truth, and all the ingredients of political decency".<br />
"We have been needing it. We are now wanting it. Still we are going to demand it from the kleptocratic elitists that are hoarding it for their selfish enjoyment. Are you with me?"<br /><br />
...they “concluded that it is highly probably that Aggrey Idri and Dong Samuel Luak were executed by Internal Security Bureau agents at the Luri facility on January 30, 2017.”
"I am not born for one region. The whole South Sudan is my native Country. I am voting against tribalism, regionalism, corruption and injustice”.
"They have shown themselves to the citizens as their nemeses by the covert work they did to bring this country down to its knees.This time, we need people who are poised to embrace and support peace but not selfish individuals."