20 Jan 2018
"In January 1965, SANU split into two different factions; SANU (Inside) which operated within the South and SANU (Outside) that operated outside the Sudan. The factions operated for a period of time separately before SANU (Inside) split completely from SANU (Outside)."
“He has never contested elective office in Jonglei, therefore has no constituents to visit in Jonglei. He is going as a state official, at the head of a combat force."
"... itis a time we have to look and go beyond our ethnic lines and perceptions if we want to build a cohesive, united, harmonious and inclusive country in which all participate and feel proud to identify ourselves with it, as no other country we have but only South Sudan..."
"To our dear leaders honored herein, congratulations for making it to the list of the most influential South Sudanese leaders of the year 2017. To the security agents, chill and enjoy. To the unknown gunmen, yeng’o man?"
"...the international community and South Sudanese warring parties, sound positive and willing to uphold the ceasefire. But how? is what people would like to ascertain".
"Let us make the year 2018, the year of decisive action against the war for personal power ambition. We can make a difference by mobilizing, organizing and unifying our ranks across ethnic and provincial lines to transform this situation into a revolution;..."
"South Sudanese will do well to remember that the liberation struggle pre-dates the country’s recent history...Sadly, it is a continuing struggle, for which all our voices must be represented if we are to arrive at a just and lasting peace."
"The other cardinal rule is that the story especially news must be understood by the “biscuit factory worker...The rule maintains that the basic aim of communication, whether in speech or writing, is to inform rather than impress the reader or the listeners."
"The tricks and tactics used by many South Sudanese politicians and their attached armed groups to cling or ascend to power under pretexts of indefinitely extended transitional periods must not be entertained again."
"December is especially the most expensive month as it does havoc to people’s pockets while January patiently waits to handle the casualties on their bended knees."
"Innocently and ignorantly some of them have dated the devil on Facebook and they are agonizingly paying the wages."
"1. Who assassinated him?<br />2. Who sent them to kill him?<br />3. Where are his assassins?<br />4. When is justice going to be done?"
"Fighting off challenges is not enough. The media must keep reminding people why it counts to win the trust and commitment of readers and viewers and thereby maintain its freedom."
"Don’t believe those loudmouthed sycophants or hot air sloganeers. If you really, really want to know whether you are loved, liked, or if you want to audit the list of your true friends, try dying..."
"n short, everybody is looking at your monthly salary and placing inexcusable demands to have a share of it! ...Such incessant demands from all quarters usually tend to cause psychological stress to salary earners."
"I tend to slightly differ with those who might assume that unity in diversity could start from the upper echelons of a society...I mean unity in diversity should logically start from minute entity to a larger commonality. Let us not just pretend to be a union without caring for and by each other."
"They will puff smoke on the poor babies until they fall asleep on the weak laps of their shisha smoking-mothers. The babies will wake up with red eyes like some juvenile drunkards."
"Underlying all these histories runs a common theme – when it gets too good in the palace the initial cause is completely forgotten."
"it was time of stress; deep frustration and utter helplessness blending with despair for being unable to do what was within my power but couldn’t do because of sabotage, malfeasance and abysmal ignorance of the job at hand on the side of some elements with vested, sordid interests."
"The young leaders urge IGAD, AU and the international community not to replicate past mistakes by focusing exclusively on accommodation and power sharing as a solution to the political crisis."
"These days, young men in Juba are increasingly becoming handbag carriers. These are not gay men, mind you. These are straight me, or I presume."
"When they see me (mostly guys) clearly getting on with my own things, they come to try to make me feel inadequate, or as if something is wrong with reading a book."
"If youth are gainfully employed in agriculture, fishing, small-scale business activities and transport, they are not likely going to be easily lured into hating or attacking members of a particular ethnic group."
"So, what were they suffering from? Were the moyot doctors fake? People wondered, shaking their heads and spitting on the ground."
"The Dinka Bor must keep their animals away from farms. The Dinka Bor pastoralists must obey local chiefs’ orders and pay fines for destroying crops. This is standard anywhere. You cannot leave your village and carry your rules along."<br />
"The media propagandists are still doing so; and that is why the issue between president Kiir and his former chief of general staff, Paul Malong Awan, is gradually growing volatile trying to create a delicate situation in Juba."
"Under my long chairmanship of AMDISS, from its formation in 2003 to 2014, we had thought it necessary at a certain point to educate, through regular dialogue, our security forces on the important role of the media in national stability and development".
I am confident in the initiative and progress of National Dialogue. I wish it could go faster or it could attract everyone to demonstrate his or her Jenuubeen nationhood and leadership quality.
"Nothing personal here, but I think, it were time the son of Wek Ateny wised up a bit in fitting attire or jump before being pushed further and further into the deep end of the presidential pool."