"We need South Sudan where young people are allowed to constructively express their voices freely without fear and favour."
"JMEC looks forward to the successful deployment of the newly trained Police Officers as per the requirement of the Agreement, he said".
"We must cease and desist from violence. We need to start this dialogue now, not in the future. We must start, however poor the start, as long as it looks like dialogue, we must give it a trial. That is why ND, poorly initiated as it was, must be given a trial."<br />
"If IGAD is not prepared to lead and commit the necessary diplomatic resources and political will, that role should shift to the African Union or the United Nations, with strong support from the United States and other Troika members.”
"Government should create conducive environment that will allow civil society and community based-organizations to sensitize civil population about the danger of child marriage and SGBV...It’s State responsibility to protect women and girls against SGBV...
"The recent ceasefire is welcome, but the UK, and the international community, expects them to do much more to ensure the peace process is both inclusive and sincere. There is no excuse for inaction."
"...we urge you and your government to rally the support of every South Sudanese to help end the ongoing bloodshed in our country, rejuvenate the deteriorating economy and unite the people of South Sudan who continue to be polarized by the conflict. Together, we shall overcome!"<br />
"An inclusive political process means both including representation from the main conflict parties, and going beyond them to represent wider South Sudanese society. Representatives must include a range of constituencies..."
<br />"As of now, AU has no cue on how to end this war, all eyes are on the West, USA and UN whereas, China and Russia have no desire to get into such mess traditionally".
"Operatives within the government of South Sudan will point to the thousands of tractors they imported as evidence of their good intentions. Many would not admit that these machines have ended up as marks of status where they are now parked,..."
"In the final analysis, it is the calibre of domestic, regional, and international leadership which will give shape to the preferred method of addressing South Sudan’s hideous civil war."
"For durable peace, community-centered peace processes must be pursued in parallel with the state-centered peace initiatives, thereby preserving the self-determination foundation of South Sudan."
The Chairperson therefore strongly calls on the TGoNU, as well as on the other warring parties to immediately cease hostilities and uphold their responsibilities to protect civilians as provided for in the Constitution of the country and the ARCRSS.
"When you change the way, you look at things, the things you look at change." (Max Planck).
"The Jieng Council of Elders should now demonstrate the core mandate of their formation. We need their presence in the State to help the Governor and his State team in solving and bringing to an end these almost every year recurring conflicts."
"We have competing histories of South Sudan where guilt is attributed to some communities while others are absolved from any blame. ‘If you are safe, I am safe’ provides a means by which communities could free themselves from the constraints of the past and reach out to others..."
"I would like to alert my colleagues in the media/press industry of two very important things they should not disregard in their daily practice of journalism. The only one person who is absolutely free to say what he/she wants to say is a medically diagnosed lunatic,..."
“The international community’s support for an inclusive political process in South Sudan depends on these principles being met..."
"...we have taken upon ourselves the challenge of placing dialogue, peace, unity, forgiveness and reconciliation... over war and destruction...Let's all reject war and support communal peace and reconciliation"<br />
"In my humble opinion, Journalists must be well versed and take professional training like doctors, lawyers and engineers."<br />
"This is a remarkable book. It offers a complex and nuanced analysis of South Sudan’s prolonged and troubled march to political liberation – first from Anglo-Egyptian colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries,..."
"Recognize, engage and include Traditional Communal Federal Systems of authorities to promote traditional coping mechanism to access and empower communities’ roles in boost dialogue on socio-polity, economic, public administration and cultural."
"In the final analysis, we are all South Sudanese and we should check our feelings as we praise or protest."
"My view is that the president has to demonstrate greater leadership ability in getting this dialogue moving. He has to be very clear on:..."
"...with honesty and transparency and with the change of hearts and minds of the leaders, the national dialogue initiated by the government is one of the ‘Hope’ to hope for. Let us support the dialogue."
"Direct political engagement by TGONU with “estranged” political forces would ensure no more feelings of political exclusion. A return to the political dialogue table will enable commitment or rededication to ARCISS and TGONU by all parties."
"I am a Bari and an Equatorian by birth – but I make a conscious decision that my number one identity is “South Sudanese” – an identity I must allow others to claim and hold." <br /><br />
"Statesmen compromise, dialogue, sacrifices, forgive and indeed die for their country. For the last three years, war has not resulted into peaceful towns, villages or food production. All that war produces is misery. Let's try dialogue and genuine compromise for our country."
“We are all interested in finding a way to restore a fully inclusive and representative political process, involving all the estranged Parties to the Agreement, without renegotiating the Agreement,..."
"SSHURSA calls on President Kiir to always restrain from stating public statements, which are harmful to the lives of the people if misunderstood and misinterpreted."