4 Aug 2020


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Mullah Bamia (Beef and Okra Stew)

Salata Tomatim Bel Daqua Don't just make food, cook delicious South Sudanese cuisine with quick and simple recipes and easy to follow instructions. Our love for food section this month will look into how we can prepare Mullah Bamia (Beef and Okra Stew).

Okra is one of the popular nutritious vegetables. Chopped, or sliced, they can be stewed or fried in low heat oil in order to soften.

Fact about okra; Okra is actually incredibly healthy despite its unappealing reputation. Okra is low in calories. One cup of raw okra only has around 30 calories. And in that low-calorie cup plenty of Vitamin K! Okra is also high in calcium, fiber, vitamin C, protein, folate, manganese and magnesium.

So why hate Okra when u can get all that, unless you are not cooking it right.

Magadi soda commonly known as Kombo in South Sudan is a substance that is used to give the dish its flavor. It is also known for reducing the time for cooking. You can either buy it ready from the supermarket or simply make it from home.

Let us now go to the recipe but depending with the number of servings you will be making the amount will vary. My recipe will serve three to four people.

The Recipe:

  1. 12 pieces of Okra
  2. One medium size onion
  3. one medium size tomato
  4. Cooking oil
  5. salt
  6. Half a cup of kombo or magadi soda
  7. One royco cube (spice)
  8. Half Kg of meat

How to prepare:

  • First: Boil the meat separately with an onion, a tomato, a little oil, and salt. Do not put too much water, just enough to soften the meat but make sure t two to threat some two to three cups of the water from the boiled meat remains to be used later as soup for the mixture.
  • Second: Once you have the meat ready, u can now put it aside and prepare the okra.
  • Wash the Okra well and cut out both ends
  • Divide each okra into four pieces vertically. If the okras are long, then you will need to cut it into half horizontally.
  • Now put three cups of water, add the half glass of magadi soda and the ready cut okra
  • Put it on fire, let it boil for ten minutes or so, u will need to be close because it can boil over.
  • After it has softened now you can mix it with the beef that you already boiled. Pour over the meat and season to taste with salt and pepper. You can add the pepper if you must but it’s not a must. Remember it must have enough soup reason why we said while boiling the meat make sure to leave some two to three cups from the boiled meat.
  • Once all is mixed add in your royco cube spice.
  • Start lowering the level of heat and let it cook for 15 minutes.

Your dish is now ready for serving. Most will prefer this dish with ugali (Asida) but you can as well serve it with rice.

Alternatively this dish can be mixed with peanut butter if you like. All you have to do is add the peanut to the boiled meat before mixing with the okra.

Why this dish is inexpensive to make is, if you noticed we did not need much spices we only used the readily available ingredients one can find in any market.

Now I do not know how true this is but, there is this one funny health fact about okra. That it helps in growing hair, personally i have been eating okra since time immemorial and my hair, same old no change but who knows, could just be me.