4 Aug 2020


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Red chief Lentils with Spinach

Salata Tomatim Bel DaquaFor the Vegetable and lentils lovers have you ever cooked red chief Lentils with Spinach two together?

No! You haven’t! Well I have. It’s a taste to die for, it is delicious and it goes with everything from read, chapatti to ugali name it.

My mother one day made us this meal for lunch and we loved the taste of the mixture and the smell oh my better than the pizza being made next door.

Few facts about Lentils
1. One of the world healthiest food compared to other types of beans.

2. They are a very good source of dietary fiber, copper, phosphorus, and manganese. Additionally they are a good source of iron, protein, vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B6.

3. Several studies have shown that eating high fi ber foods like lentils reduces your risk of heart disease.

4. Adding to the many benefits of fiber, soluble fi ber traps carbohydrates, slowing down digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels. This can be especially helpful for those with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia.

Facts about Spinach
1. Spinach contains more than 12 flavonoid compounds, which are important anti-cancer and anti-infl ammatory agents in the body. Spinach extracts have shown to slow down cancer cell division in the stomach, as well as reducing skin cancers. Shocked huh! Yeap me too did not know that.

2. Consuming spinach has been shown to reduce excessive infl ammation in the body, which is a risk factor for many cancers. ll right! Let’s get this cooking started already.

1. Vegetable Oil
2. One big onion
3. Two soft tomatoes cut or mashed
4. One Royco cube (spice)
5. Half spoon of Cumin spice
6. One cup of half boiled Lentils soup
7. A bunch of spinach. Well washed and cut into small pieces
8. Half tea spoon of mashed garlic
9. salt

1. Fry the onions till is almost brownish
2. Add the tomatoes and stir it well till it is a heavy sauce
3. Now add the boiled lentils and keep stirring because it easily burns. Make sure the level of heat is medium.
4. Now add the cut Spinach and mix it well
5. put salt
6. leave it to cook for 10minutes
7. put the garlic and add half glass of water if necessary
8. put the royco cube and cumin spice(shamar ) and let it cook for 8minutes
9. check it regularly cause lentils can burn easily and fast
Your food must be ready now, serve with bread, chapatti or ugali.