18 Sep 2021


Beauty Pageants
Southern Sudan has been famously knlown for years for the war and the grossly emaciated poor people. Now it is time people saw the real us.

The beauty pageant industry is quite new in Southern Sudan, with the first  Miss Malaika winner being crowned in 2005 in Kenya. Since then, Miss Malaika and other beauty pageants have been held in Southern Sudan.

Beauty pageants are a way of public relations among nations. The representatives become ambassadors of their respective countries. Southern Sudan has been represented in International beauty pageants such as Miss International 2006 and 2009 in Japan, China , Miss Earth  2008 and 2009 in the Philipines and Miss Tourism International in 2007 in Ethiopia.

Since 2006 up to date, the GoSS Ministry of Culture and Heritage has been keenly interested in international beauty pageants and has supported girls to go for these pageants. The delagates go to promote the culture of Southern Sudan where they are required to go with their national cultural arttire. They therefore are charged with the very important job of putting Southern Sudan on the world map.

Miss Malaika

Miss Malaika is a beauty pageant that was created to show the beauty of an African woman, so it does not have the strict standards of size. It was created to empower the girls and to give a platform for women to discuss and address issues affecting them.

Miss International

This is the fourth largest beauty pageant in the world, after Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth. It was hosted in Long Beach until 1967, after which it has been held in asia since, especially in Japan. Contestants are expected to serve as "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty". showing tenderdness, friendship, beauty, intelligence, ability to take action and most importantly, a great international sensitivity.

Southern Sudan has taken part in this pageant since 2006.

Miss Earth

This is the third largest beauty pageant held annually for the purpose of promoting environmental awareness. The reigning tittle holders dedicate their year to promote environmental projects and address issues of hygiene. Even though Southern Sudan has not yet fully developed this pageant locally, representatives have been sent since 2008 to date to participate.

There are many other beauty pageants in the world today that are created to address different pressing issues as well as issues of national prestige. With time, the beauty industry is bound to grow as Southern Sudan clearly has talent

Last updated at 5/17/2021

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