29 Oct 2020


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Hardlife Avenue Stars

Stage Name

Nicky Prince, Mantani and Linus de Genius


Nicky Prince alias Siliman Musa is a 2nd born of seven who started his musical career in the high school days as live vocal singer in school occasions, after coming from Khartoum he decided to form a group; he met Mantani alias Murye Alex in 2011 and decided together to form Hardlife Avenue, Mantani as well started in the high school days; he is 1st born in the family of seven. The two are not brothers but their relationship has made many to think they are brothers.
In 2015 the duo collaborated with their producer Linus de Genuis alias Ochwo Junior Linus on their fourth studio album YAU DE which became an all time hit song; this prompted the duo to include Linus de genius into their group as contributing member.


The Hardlife Avenue Stars is a multi talented dynamic duo in South Sudan that does all types of music genres but specifically dominant with Zouk and Afro.
We started in 2011 as a duo popularly known as Nicky Prince and Mantani, became popular with the hit single LOST CULTURE then LUBELEDE, NANGIRO and then our platinum all time hit album; YAU DE in 2015 which they made with their contributing member Linus de Genius who have now joined the group.
Nicky Prince is the founder and a lead vocalist as well as Linus de Genius who is a vocalist and audio producer, Mantani de best boy is the lead rapper and the co-founder known for his hard core vocals.



To establish an internationally recognized music genre for South Sudan


Geared Towards a Social livelihood Change in South Sudan

Type of Music/Genre:


Zouk, Afro & Afro dancehall

List of Songs: 

  1. Lost Culture
  2. Nangiro
  3. Lubelede
  4. Yau de


Number of Albums


Regardless of our Religious, Ethnic and tribal differences we have to embrace the heart of loving ourselves as South Sudanese and as Africans.


To Put South Sudan music Into The International Scene In 5 yrs Time.