28 Oct 2020


State Information

Star Eagles

Stage name: Star Eagles
Real Names: Denaya Dennis and Anthony Manasseh


1. Dennis, born in 1st Jan 1988 in Kindi, Morobo County to Mama Rose Apai and Manoah Gworo as the first born, I have five brothers. I started nursery in 1993 in Kaya, primary 1 to 3 in Uganda during the exile. When we came back in 1998, I joined Morobo Primary school and finished my P.7 in 2001 in Uganda with both “O” and “A” level in Koboko. My mom taught me how to sing in the Sunday school from the age of 3 till 15. I got inspired to sing after failing to hear a song in my language and one day I prayed if God will allow me to sing which am grateful He did to me. I am happy when I met Tony in 2001 and I realized we have the same vision so there and then we started working together and started Star Eagles Band.

2. Anthony: I was born way back in the 80’s to Martin Lokudu in Yei.  My father comes from Lainya County. I had the battle to sing since I was young and I remember those days I was in the Sunday school to school choir. I just know God has called me into ministry and He gave me Dennis to work with, he means a lot to me since I knew him. He has a talent and two of us can do better.

Musical background:

Star Eagles is founded as Christian Music band we founded in 2002 with a vision to reach our churches, families and communities with Christian messages through spiritual and social positive songs.
In this regard, we believe that music is the greatest tool in passing messages and as part of our call we believe that it is a ministry God has called us to. Our Christian community is daily polluted with immoral songs and for this reason; we are devoted to change the trend of Music both in South Sudan and beyond.


“To reach the unreached through Christian music that promotes spiritual growth and good social moral ethics in our societies with the message of Hope, Healing and Forgiveness.”


“Singing and creating arts that can transform our society through spiritual and positive Christian songs that promote moral ethics”.


  1. Anthony with Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  2. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (I.T) (Ongoing yet)

Type of Music: we do all categories of Music from Reggae, Afro, RnB, and dancehall. etc
Type of Genre: Christian Gospel
Songs: mama boy, Nina kulu wahid, Yesu a dawa, love of today, Jehovah, He’s done me well, seli le iyal taki, saidu al maskin (latest), keli umon ataku, disability.

Where to find Star Eagles Music online

Message: We are in the next gear so far and thankful to God.  We urge South Sudanese people to keep the FAITH because the future is bright and develop love for gospel music.

Spread the gospel to the whole of south Sudan and beyond. We want to reach everyone with a message that can be understood.

Other Information:
We are set to unveil a ‘disability is not inability’ campaign in which we endeavor to sensitize disabled persons on their rights and capabilities. We will also seek to urge people not to stigmatize People with Disabilities but instead give them equal opportunities. The project will be under The Star Eagles Foundation in association with Youth on Board Association; a non-profit making Christian outreach organization.

For this campaign, in collaboration with the renowned Kenyan based gospel singer Stema G, we have done a song titled ‘disability’. The song urges people not to talk about the inability of the disabled people but to emphasize on their capabilities. We are currently working on the video and seeking partnership with like-minded parties to join us in making this campaign possible.