28 Oct 2020


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Rhapsody an MB law are multi talented artists from Abyei  and not only friends but blood  brothers.
Real names of this artists are; Alor Kuol Alor a.k.a rhapsody is a born of 1992 in Abyei and a music lover in the age of 9years when he use to listen his to grandmother’s song
Miyen Awet Alor a.k.a MB Law is a born of 1992 in Abyei lastborn in the family of seven kids and started music as a dancer.

Musical background:

Rhapsody n MB law started music in the year 2011 and came up with the popular song like ana mafathy ft MT7. Acholla Rhapsody and Mb Law has number of collaborations with some South Sudan and popular Uganda artist Sera ft Dr Jose Chameleon sambala ft Radio and Weasel.


Let stand for peace


Worldwide music

Type of Music: 

Dancehall. Afro zuok. Raga

Type of Genre

List of Songs: 

Acholla. Ana mafathy ft Mt7,  jere jerer ft Dr Deey, sera ft Dr Jose Chameleon, sambala ft Radio and Weasel

  1. acholla Rhapsody and Mb Law
  2. sambala ft Radio and Weasel
  3. sera ft Dr Jose Chameleon.
  4. banat Juba Rhapsody and Mb Law

Number of Albums


As they say charity start from home we as the artist of this country will always pray for peaces and love to the people of south Sudan and take the music industry for the generation to come to the next level in the country. And let’s give support love and attention to the music


To be  remembered as a legend  musically