24 Oct 2020

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Information Provided by Comrade Larco Lomayat

Dear all,

Greetings from Nairobi,

The long awaited South Sudan Referendum Symbols are out.  Now is the role of Every Junubi (South Sudanese) wherever you are to educate our Indigenous people of South Sudan to vote on box with symbol of one hand as shown on the symbols below. 

 South Sudan Referendum Symbols

 The one hand means SEPERATION of South Sudan from the whole Sudan.  Do not ever tell our people about the two shaking hands, this is for UNITY unless you want to continue to be slave for the rest of your life and our future generations to be slaves as well as a result of your sin.

 You, our people, the people of South Sudan in the Diaspora, the entire South Sudanese in the South are following your discussions about registration, It is advisable for you not to register at all, if you register and vote, that means you are voting for Unity, because we have discovered a very serious evil game planned by Mundukurat to increase vote of one person in the Diaspora to more than twenty votes and they will all be rigged in favour of Unity.  Even if you voted for Separation, your vote will be changed to Unity.  So please; our people in the Diaspora are urged not to register at all.

 99% of our people (South Sudanese) in North Sudan are not going to register, it is better to join them, because if they register, they will not vote as a result of repatriation, we are sure our people in the north will not register.

 Print this picture of South Sudan Referendum Symbols and start to educate our people. 

 Again and again, our people in the Diaspora; do not register at all, we expect any South Sudanese in the Diaspora who have South Sudan in their hearts are not to register at all.

 Our senior Government officials are surprised about some of GOSS Missions abroad by involving themselves in registration process, those people will pay big price, my advice to all GOSS Missions abroad is not to involve in this ugly and useless issue of registration, if they don't listen, they will see what will happen.  Please, take it from me and be very serious about what I am talking here.

 Let me end here but cautioning those people in the Diaspora who are involving themselves in the registration process to be extra careful or else they will see and will regret later for the rest of their lives.

 Now, take time to print the above symbols and start to educate our people

(I Repeat)

Comrade Larco Lomayatdit

Nairobi, Kenya.

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