13 Jun 2021


State Information

Accommodation in Northern Bahr el Ghazal

Northern Bahr el Ghazal has several accommodation facilities. Some of them include: South Sudan, Grand, Manga Villa 1 & 2, Good Life, Ramcel, Kush, and Sunshine hotels. The accommodation charges vary from one hotel to another. Below are some of the rates:

  1. South Sudan: 100 USD per night
  2. Grand hotel: 100 USD per night

The others charge between 100 and 150 South Sudanese Pounds.

The hotels serve different cuisines (both local and international) at varying prices. At South Sudan Hotel, for instance, a plate goes for 50 SSP while in the others it sells at 25 SSP. A litre bottle of water costs 5 SSP, a soda 15 SSP and beer at 35 SSP.

Some of the biggest hotels like Grand Hotel have internet facilities. Apart from the big hotels, Aweil has restaurants at the market that offer relatively lower prices, with a plate going for 20 SSP. Some of the restaurants include: BBC, Aweil Central and Missed Call hotels among others.

Last updated at 5/17/2021