25 Nov 2020

Road Travel

Road travel within Southern Sudan had been virtually dangerous during the civil war due to heavy presence of landmines on and around key roads.

With the signing of the CPA and establishment of the Government of South Sudan, a lot of activities have been undertaken largely by the UN agencies to demine main roads in and around South Sudan.

As the southern states' governments also engage in the development of road links, check the Seasonal Road Conditions.

Road Network

Eastern Equatoria State

Road transport

Movement from place to place is possible by use of motor vehicles. There are cars for hire, buses, motorcycles and bicycles.


There are firms providing logistical services in the state. They also offer money transfer services:

  • Super Logistics Company
  • Eden Transport e.g. Money transfer
  • Umbrella Money Transfer
  • Woodland Money Transfer
  • Bakoba International Transport Services and Money Transfer
  • Equity Transport /Warehouse Services
  • Police Cooperative Society Stores-Torit

Central Equatoria State

Road Links

To South East is Nimule South Sudan-Uganda border
To South West is Kajo-Keji, Sudan-Uganda border, 75 Miles
To East is Juba, Central Equatoria Sate Capital to Torit in Eastern Equatoria
To West Juba-Yei, 100 Miles
To the North West is Maridi, Yambio, Mundri and Rumbek highways
To the North is Juba-Terekeka

Central Equatoria does not have any railway network running through it.

At the airport there is a parking yard for taxis and minibuses that offer transport from the airport premises. They charge according to the distances covered and the quantity of luggage, with their prices ranging from 50 SSP and above.

Jonglei State

There is a road network in the state that connects the counties as well as neighbouring states. There are passenger vehicles and cars for hire in the state. The charges vary according to distance travelled.

Northern Bahr El Ghazal State

Rail Transport

Aweil has a railway station on the railway line to Wau that was built in the 1960s. After a period of disuse due to civil war damage, the line and the station were restored to use in 2010.

Road Transport

There is a new unpaved road that goes from Aweil through Akuémkóu town, Wanyjök County in Aweil East to Wärawar, direct to Majööng Yinh-thiöu. The road also connects to Greendït in Merém, a township that was established in 2006 and which links Khartoum with Juba. There is a major road that connects all counties in the state. Transport charges vary with distance covered.

Unity State

No specific bus companies or taxi firms but plenty of privately owned transportation serving all counties except Panyijiar which is is only accessible by plane.

Bentiu - Mayom (hour and a half to 2 hours drive) – 12 Sudanese Pounds
Bentiu - Biemnom (2 to 3 hours drive) – 22 Sudanese Pounds
Bentiu - Panrieng (2 to two and half hours drive) – 15 Sudanese Pounds

Last updated at 11/20/2020
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